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Local Authority upgrades sheltered housing with Grant
Local Authority upgrades sheltered housing with Grant

Sheltered housing schemes in Archway Gardens and Willow Road featuring renewable products from Grant UK, have been instrumental in helping Stroud District Council (which won the prestigious 2010 Green Energy Award for being the South West’s most proactive Local Authority), with its green housing energy initiative.

The award recognises the critical role Local Authorities can play in supporting sustainable energy by delivering renewable heating solutions. In line with this, the objective on both sheltered housing projects was to provide a renewable solution to meet the needs of the communal areas in terms of hot water supply and heating.

To provide hot water at Archway Gardens, which houses 60 plus residents, an Aurora Solar Thermal System providing approximately 2,247kWh of energy per annum was installed by the Cotswold Energy Efficiency Centre.  Fixed directly to the existing roof, the solar collectors are linked to two 300 litre DuoWave solar cylinders which house enough hot water to meet the requirements of the communal areas; and to service the constantly-run, hot-fill washing machines (8.00am – 5.00pm daily). And, unlike many solar thermal systems there is no requirement for a roof mounted air vent or regular maintenance.

The solar thermal system was installed in conjunction with a MCS approved Grant Aerona Air Source Heat Pump to provide heating for the communal areas via Smith’s Ecovector® Low Level fan convectors - replacing the existing night storage heating system.

In addition to providing heating, the heat pump also acts as a back-up to further heat the hot water if the temperature set by the cylinders’ thermostat is not reached.  The higher the outside temperature the greater the efficiency an air source heat pump will work to. To facilitate this, the hot air produced by the communal tumble dryers has been ducted to the rear of the heat pump thereby increasing the co-efficiency of performance. And, whilst it is possible to raise the temperature of the direct hot water to 60oC with an Aerona Air Source Heat Pump, Cotswold Energy Efficiency Centre decided to utilise a Grant Domestic Hot Water Boost Kit. This has the added benefit of providing daily legionella protection which is an important consideration due to the vulnerable nature of the residents. A similar system was also installed at Willow Road Sheltered Housing Scheme.

Commenting on the selection of products from Grant UK, Andy Buchan, Managing Director of Cotswold Energy Efficiency Centre said: "We chose to use products from Grant UK on this project as they provide a complete package of solar collectors, cylinders and air to water heat pumps from a single source. This ensures reliability of supply which is critical when upgrading heating systems in occupied buildings as deadlines are always tight."

Adrian Jacques, Energy Officer for Stroud District Council went on to add: "We are pleased with the installation and even during the recent harsh winter months our bills were below 2008 levels. This is before any potential Renewable Heat Incentive payments are factored in."

Local Authority upgrades sheltered housing with Grant