Aluminium Radiators

Afinia aluminium radiators are very straightforward to install and are ideally suited to complement both low and high temperature systems. Sleek in design and highly responsive, Afinia radiators effortlessly combine aesthetics and functionality.

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Aluminium radiators are a great choice of heat emitter for traditional boiler central heating systems as well as renewable systems such as heat pumps. They are excellent conductors of heat, incredibly efficient and highly responsive. They are also lightweight and straightforward to install. 

Afinia Radiators

Afinia Radiators

  • Vertical and horizontal options
  • Suitable for both low and high temperature systems
  • Easy installation
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How do aluminium radiators work?

Aluminium radiators work in same way as steel radiators. The water within the heating system is heated by a heat generator (such as a boiler or heat pump) and the heated water is then circulated through the system pipework and radiators within the property. As the hot water flows through the radiator, the heat is transferred into the radiator body where the heat is then emitted into the room in which the radiator is located warming the surrounding area to the required temperature. Cooler water then flows away from the radiator and is recirculated through the central heating system and heat generator to be heated up again to repeat this process.

How do aluminium radiators differ from steel radiators?

Aluminium radiators differ to steel radiators because they tend to have a lower water content which helps aluminium radiators heat up faster than traditional steel radiators. Aluminium radiators also have a greater thermal conductivity, up to 5 times when compared to that of steel and other traditional radiator materials.

Which radiator is better - aluminium, or copper, or brass, or steel?

Modern radiators, whether they be made from steel, copper or aluminium, tend to be more efficient than their older counterparts. In addition to being efficient, radiators today also need to fulfil the aesthetical preferences for a home. Aluminium radiators, such as the Afinia range from Grant UK, are sleek and stylish in design while also being incredibly efficient so they can fulfil the requirements for many homes.

Are aluminium radiators right for my home?

Yes – aluminium radiators are a great addition to any home. If you are thinking of upgrading your radiators to aluminium radiators, make sure you speak to your installer to ensure that the correct size of radiators are specified and installed. It is also important that your installer assesses the existing pipework to make sure the new radiators are compatible. To learn more about the benefits of aluminium radiators, as well as other types of heat emitters, please visit our Knowledge Hub.

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