Grant UK's Cyber Essentials Certification

Demonstrating Grant UK's ongoing commitment to protecting customer data

Grant UK awarded a Cyber Essentials Certificate of Compliance

Grant UK has completed an assessment against the Cyber Essentials Standard which they passed. Having met the requirements of the scheme, Grant UK have been awarded a Certificate of Compliance which acknowledges the strength of the Company’s ICT defence protocols.

Cyber Essentials was launched in 2014 and is a scheme which is designed to help organisations of all sizes protect themselves against common online threats. It also helps inform customers of the businesses who have a clear and thorough understanding of their online security levels.

It is backed by the Government, industry-supported and recognised for all forms of business in any sector. Using an independent framework, Cyber Essentials assesses an organistation’s ICT infrastructure to ascertain their capabilities to prevent and avoid cyber attacks on the business.

Grant UK undertook the Cyber Essentials assessment as part of its company-wide strategy for compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation. Protecting customer data is at the core of all of the processes and procedures which take place within the business. To demonstrate their commitment to cyber security, Grant UK underwent the Cyber Essentials assessment to measure their online protocols against a national standard.

After completing and passing the assessment, Grant UK have been awarded a Certificate of Compliance and are invited to promote their Cyber Essentials badge to inform their customers of this accreditation. The Cyber Essentials badge reflects Grant UK’s certified cyber security, reassuring customers that the Company has satisfactory procedures in place to protect their ICT against online attacks. The Certificate of Compliance has only been issued to Grant UK as a result of the security controls that are in place to protect the business.

By accomplishing this certification, Grant UK has further demonstrated its ongoing commitment to protecting the data that the Company holds. Please click here to view the Certificate of Compliance.