Afinia Radiators

Afinia Radiators

15 Year guarantee*

Grant Afinia aluminium radiators combine functionality and aesthetics, being incredibly effective and stylish heat emitters which easily pair with Aerona³ heat pumps and all Vortex boilers.

One of the distinctive features of the Afinia radiators is their curved, rounded surface. This design makes them stylish in appearance allowing them to subtly suit their environments. Slim in build, supplied in an off-white colour finish, and with their flexible assembly options, Grant’s Afinia aluminium radiators can adapt to suit many a home’s bespoke requirements.


Features & benefits

  • *15 year guarantee (subject to Terms and Conditions)
  • Slimline design with rounded surfaces and a white, powder coated finish
  • Afinia aluminium radiators are more efficient than traditional radiator materials, such as steel and cast iron
  • Incredibly effective thermal conductors and with low energy consumption, Afinia radiators can help lower energy bills
  • Afinia radiators are available in both horizontal and vertical options so can suit different spaces within a room. Horizontal radiators are available in three heights (430mm, 580mm and 680mm) with combinations of between 6 and 15 sections. Vertical radiators are available in two heights (1,842mm and 2,042mm) in either 6 or 8 section combinations
  • The range can deliver exceptional room comfort, heating up and cooling down very quickly which allows Afinia radiators to respond quickly to any changes in the temperature demand set by the thermostat
  • Compatible with all of Grant’s heating products, both low and high temperature systems
  • Installation is quick and easy and can be completed by a single engineer - heating engineers should visit the Professionals aluminium radiators webpage to read more about the range

Case Studies

The Virtual House from Grant

The Virtual House from Grant

Choosing to fit Afinia aluminium radiators is one way homeowners can help improve the efficiency of their home heating. Aluminium is an excellent thermal conductor and the Afinia radiators have very low water content so they are both effective and efficient when operating. Furthermore, when installed alongside an Aerona³ air source heat pump, Afinia radiators can help maximise the efficiency of the heat source as well.

To discover how Afinia radiators, and other Grant heating products, could look in your home, visit the Grant UK's Virtual House available to view in the Knowledge Hub.


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