Grant CombiSol

Grant CombiSol

The Grant CombiSOL is a cost effective, simple solution to integrating a mains pressure combination boiler with a solar thermal system, cleverly combining the two energy sources.

The CombiSOL works by accurately controlling the outlet temperature of the stored secondary hot water produced by the solar thermal system. If this stored water is not sufficiently hot enough for direct use from an outlet, the CombiSOL directs this stored water via the combi boiler cold inlet to bring it up to temperature before directing it to the hot water outlet.


Features & benefits

  • The CombiSOL is required when installing a Grant solar thermal system with a new or existing heating system that involves a mains pressure combination boiler
  • Achieves optimum control of hot water delivery to taps within the home
  • Enables the integration of two energy sources safely and simply and is compatible with most combi boilers and fuel types
  • The CombiSOL is a cost effective solution to combining two energy sources within a heating system
  • In addition to accurately controlling the outlet temperature of the secondary hot water produced by the solar thermal system, the CombiSOL will also regulate the inlet water temperature to the combination boiler
  • Please note, it is important to ensure that the combination boiler can accept incoming cold mains water temperatures of up to 28ºC and it is recommended to contact the boiler manufacturer to verify this
  • Installers should visit the Professionals CombiSol accessories webpage
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Zero VAT

The installation of certain types of energy saving materials are eligible for a time-limited zero-rate of VAT. Solar thermal technology is one of the eligible products so between 1st April 2022 through to 31st March 2027, the rate of VAT on the installation of a solar thermal system will be 0%.

To read more about Government schemes and incentives currently available, please visit our Knowledge Hub.


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