EvoLink hybrid system hub connects a heat pump with a boiler

EvoLink Hybrid System Hub

2 Year guarantee*

The EvoLink Hybrid System Hub is a compact wall-mounted unit that allows homeowners to install an Aerona³ air source heat pump to most existing domestic heating systems.

For harder to heat homes where a heat pump may be unable to fulfil the property’s entire heat demand, the EvoLink provides a solution whereby homeowners can incorporate renewable energy into their heating with a new Aerona³ heat pump while also keeping their existing boiler as a supplementary heat source to fulfil the heat demand only when required. The EvoLink, which has a maximum output to the heating system of 32kW, is designed to maximise the heat pump’s usage within the system, helping households to reduce their dependency on fossil fuels.


Features & benefits

  • *2 year guarantee (T&Cs apply)
  • Compatible with most types of existing domestic heating systems including kerosene and HVO boilers, gas boilers, LPG boilers and automatic modulating biomass pellet boilers (the EvoLink is suitable to use with boilers with space heating outputs of up to 36kW)
  • Features intelligent control system which only operates the original heat source (boiler) when required, allowing the Aerona³ heat pump to operate as much as possible
  • Allows hard to heat homes to incorporate a heat pump and enjoy the benefits of a heat pump with the back-up of a boiler, so additional energy efficiency measures (such as improved insulation or upsizing heat emitters) can be carried out at a later date
  • Users can select their preferred mode of operation for their space heating requirements - a ‘Green Mode’ defaults the settings to favour the heat pump’s usage and a ‘Comfort Mode’ which defaults the settings to deliver higher room temperatures
  • Features an automatic ‘boiler only’ function which can be set to operate at a specific low outdoor temperature to switch the heat pump off
  • Simple touchscreen user interface with animated icons to indicate the heating demand, hot water demand, heat pump and boiler operation, and providing access to the key settings
  • Designed for internal installation only, the EvoLink has a white casing and its compact size means it can fit inside a standard kitchen or utility room cupboard
  • Heating engineers should visit the Professionals EvoLink Hybrid Heating Hub webpage to read more about the technical specifications of this product

Awards & Accreditations

ACR & Heat Pump Awards Finalist 2024
Grant UK has updated it find an installer search on its website

Optimum hybrid operation

The EvoLink features an automatic ‘boiler only’ function that will be triggered by the outside ambient air temperature falling below a set value. If the ambient air temperature falls below the set design temperature for the heat pump (defaulted to -5°C), the EvoLink will switch off the heat pump and allow only the boiler to work to fulfil the heat demand.

To learn more about whether the Grant EvoLink Hybrid System Hub is suitable for your property, please contact your engineer or find a local installer.


Product code
Depth Max/Min
Boiler Output
Heat Pump Capacity
Heat Pump Power Input
Heat Pump SCOP 35°C
NOx Emissions
ErP Rating
EVOLINK Grant EvoLink Hybrid System Hub empty 29kg / full 38kg 566mm 491mm 276mm - -kW -kW - - -



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