Infographic diagram that shows the internal workings of the EvoLink

EvoLink Hybrid System Hub

2 Year guarantee*

The EvoLink Hybrid System Hub is an easy to install unit which combines an Aerona³ air source heat pump with most types of existing domestic heating systems including kerosene and HVO boilers, gas boilers, LPG boilers and modulating biomass boilers with space heating outputs of up to 36kW.

The EvoLink, which has a maximum output to the heating system of 32kW, houses the hydraulics, including a combined mixing tank, flow and return connections, system circulator and mixing PWM pump, along with temperature sensors and enables installers to fit a new Aerona³ heat pump to an existing heating system. The EvoLink provides installers with a solution to help their customers start a steady transition away from fossil fuels when a heat pump alone cannot meet a property’s entire space heating and hot water demands.


Features & benefits

  • *2 year guarantee (T&Cs apply)
  • Innovative hybrid solution that is straightforward to install with factory-fitted user interface and factory-set core settings
  • Incorporates multiple in-built features including weather compensation for space heating, automatic hot water priority function as well as two core operating modes ‘Green’ and ‘Comfort’
  • Compatible for installation with existing S-plan control systems
  • User interface displays heating & DHW demands, boiler & heat pump operation, as well as giving access to the main settings, live system data and diagnostics
  • Manual override function available to operate the boiler only when required, for example for servicing and maintenance
  • Automatic ‘boiler only’ operation can also be adjusted to operate at a specific low ambient air temperature (default -5°C)
  • Supplied with a wall mounting plate for internal installation as well as schematics drawings printed on the inside of the cover of the wiring connections centre
  • The EvoLink is only compatible with sealed systems (a plate heat exchanger is required for open vented systems)
  • The EvoLink is suitable for use with boilers which have a space heating output of up to 36kW – where this output exceeds 26kW, the flow and return pipework between the boiler and EvoLink should be 28mm pipe for anything other than the shortest flow and return pipe lengths

Awards & Accreditations

ACR & Heat Pump Awards Finalist 2024
Express eLearning course available for installers

EvoLink eLearning Express Course

Bringing together innovative technology within a compact, white cased unit that can be mounted directly onto the wall or fit within a standard kitchen or utility room cupboard with the back removed, the EvoLink has been designed to be installer friendly. This Hybrid System Hub cleverly integrates a new Aerona³ air source heat pump into an existing heating system and to help heating engineers and installers further their understanding of the EvoLink and how it works, online training is available.

Installers and engineers can access a free express on-demand course via the Grant eLearning Academy to learn more the key components and settings of the EvoLink and discover how this hybrid technology can help hard to heat properties reduce their carbon footprint by installing a heat pump while maintaining their existing boiler to serve as a supplementary heat source. To enrol on this course, please log in or sign up to the Grant eLearning Academy.


Product code
Depth Max/Min
Boiler Output
Heat Pump Capacity
Heat Pump Power Input
Heat Pump SCOP 35°C
NOx Emissions
Heat Pump Running Current (Max)
Heat Pump Refridgerant
Heat Pump Operating Voltage
Heat Pump Flow/Return Tappings
Heat Pump Min/Max Operating Temperatures - Air
Heat Pump Sound Power Level 1M
Heat Pump Sound Pressure Level at Neighbouring assessment position
Flow/Return Tappings
ErP Rating
EVOLINK Grant EvoLink Hybrid System Hub empty 29kg / full 38kg 566mm 491mm 276mm - -kW -kW - - - - - -V -BSPF - -Db(a) -Db(a) Boiler flow & return: 22mm | Heat pump flow: 28mm | System return: 22mm | System flow: 28mmBSPF


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