Uflex Heating Controls

Uflex Heating Controls

2 Year guarantee*

  • Wired & wireless room thermostats
  • Mains powered wiring centres
  • Full range of air sensors, floors sensors & other components

Alongside the pipework and components, Grant also supply the control systems and wiring centres to operate both Uflex and Uflex MINI underfloor heating system installations. Grant’s underfloor heating controls range includes the Uflex Neostat V2 and Uflex Edge hard wired programmable room thermostats for use with the Uflex UH8 Wiring Centre, as well as the wireless NeoAir V2-M programmable room thermostat which pairs with the UH8-RF V2 Wiring Centre. Straightforward to install, these controls combine intelligent operation with user-friendly navigation to give homeowners accurate control of their room temperatures and comfort levels.


Features & benefits

  • 2 year guarantee (T&Cs apply)
  • Simple and quick to install with minimal wiring, easy set-up and commissioning, these controls are suitable for new installations and compatible with existing installations
  • Compact, sleek designs with touchscreen displays and easy navigation for end-users
  • Each control has flexible programming with 5/2 Day programming, 7 Day programming and 24 Hours programming as well as holiday function
  • The Uflex Neostat V2, Uflex Edge and NeoAir V2-M feature Self Learning Preheat functionality to help maximise system efficiency and, to reduce potential tampering of the system, a key locking function is also available
  • Floor sensor options and built in air sensing modes are available. Wireless air sensors and window/door switches are also compatible with the controls – the Uflex Edge pairs to wireless sensors via its RF connection and the Uflex Neostat V2 and NeoAir V2-M connects to wireless sensors when linked to the neoHub and app
  • The wireless window/door switches monitor when a window or door is open, triggering the heating to switch to Standby Mode and when they are closed, the unit will return the system to normal mode
  • Uflex Neostat V2, which is suited to single and multi-zone installations, is designed to pair with neoHub using a WiFi connection to allow remote control via the neoHub app
  • Uflex Edge features inbuilt Modbus Connectivity to integrate with third party home automation and building management systems, allowing for greater automation within the home
  • NeoAir V2-M wireless control is battery powered and offers the additional function of a hot water timer when used in conjunction with the UH8-RF wiring centre. WiFi connectivity is enabled when used with the neoHub and app and it used a mesh network for increased range compared to standard RF thermostats
Self Learning Preheat functionality with Grant controls

Self Learning Preheat functionality with Grant controls

The Uflex Neostat V2, Uflex Edge and NeoAir V2-M have self-learning preheat functionality inbuilt. Each thermostat can cleverly calculate the amount of time it takes for a home to warm up to the desired temperature. Using this Self Learning Preheat calculation, the controls can ensure a property is warm when the homeowners wake up and return home, automatically optimising this throughout the year and detecting any changes in the home that may cause the preheat time to change, helping maintain maximum system efficiency and reducing energy bills.

To learn more about how Grant’s underfloor heating controls operate, please contact a member of our Team.


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