Uflex MINI Underfloor Heating

Uflex MINI Underfloor Heating

25 Year guarantee*

  • Low profile at only 15mm finished floor height
  • Suitable for new builds, retrofits & renovations
  • Simple installation

While it is suitable for new builds, Grant’s Uflex MINI is specifically designed to suit retrofits and renovations, when an underfloor heating system is to be fitted in a property with a floor construction already in place. The Uflex MINI underfloor heating system comprises of sturdy self-adhesive mini panels which are placed on top of a sealed floor. The pipework is then clipped into the castellations within the panels without the need for staples before a self-levelling screed is laid over the top. The design of the panels means that the drying time is very quick and the installation can be completed by one installer.


Features & benefits

  • 25 year guarantee (pipework only)
  • Uses 10mm PE-RT pipe which is easy to position into place while also being durable and robust
  • 15mm finished floor height making it ideal for installations where minimal changes to existing floor and door arrangements are desired and easily customised to suit difficult rooms
  • Using a self-levelling screed, such as Mapei, the screed will dry within just three days enabling the heat source to be connected shortly after, restoring heat to a property very quickly. It can also be walked on within hours of laying
  • Suitable for installation over existing sound, level floor surfaces and most floor covering types are compatible with the Uflex MINI system
  • The heat profile of the Uflex MINI system is minimal which means that the overall reaction time is fast and considerably quicker than other types of underfloor heating systems
  • Uflex MINI is incredibly responsive to changes in the temperature demand. Within minutes, the floor surface will start to feel warm, providing high thermal comfort and efficiency
  • Unlike other retro-fit systems, Uflex MINI also does not require overboarding so, after the screed has dried, the desired floor finish can be laid straightaway
  • Uses setback controls, like the Uflex system, to allow for maximum efficiency during operation
  • Easy and quick to install, the Uflex MINI underfloor system can deliver maximum comfort with minimal hassle

Case Studies

Design support for installers

Design support for installers

Alongside their Uflex and Uflex MINI underfloor heating systems, Grant UK also has the expertise on hand to provide installers and their customers with the design support they need. The Design Team can assist installers every step of the way with underfloor heating installations, equipping them with product specification lists and quotations, providing system designs and later supplying with an order the full line drawings for the laying of the underfloor pipework.

Read more about Grant UK’s design and specification support for installers here and if you have projects you would like to discuss with our Design Team, please get in touch.


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