Grant WinterSol

Grant WinterSol

The WinterSOL from Grant is a clever accessory that can provide a fully heated cylinder when solar gain is low, for example during the winter months.

When there is insufficient solar gain, the Grant WinterSOL will provide a fully heated cylinder of hot water making sure that the hot water demand for a home is satisfied. Operation of the WinterSOL is via a summer/winter switch that end-users can operate. In winter mode, the principal heat source is allowed to heat the full contents of the cylinder and when solar gain is restored, the switch can be set to summer allowing the cylinder contents to be heated by the solar gain from the sun.


Features & benefits

  • The Grant WinterSOL supports the heating system by providing a fully heated cylinder when solar gain levels are low
  • Operated by a simple winter/summer switch so very user friendly for homeowners
  • Suitable for use with most existing central heating systems, including heat pumps
  • The WinterSOL can improve the overall efficiency of the system
  • Important notice – as with all components fitted to potable water, there is a risk of limescale contamination in hard water areas. Precautions should be taken to prevent limescale build up (failure as a result of limescale is not covered by the guarantee)
Solar Thermal Components

Solar Thermal Components

The Grant Solar Thermal range includes a comprehensive range of components, equipping installers with everything they need. These include the Grant GSX1 and GSD3X differential solar controllers, the solar pump station, 18 litre and 25 litre expansion vessels and the solar fluid specifically designed for solar thermal applications to protect systems from freezing.

To read more about these solar thermal components, please download the Grant Renewables Technologies brochure via the link below.


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