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The Net Zero Heating Show is the podcast from Grant UK that explores all things renewables and sustainable in domestic home heating. Members of the Grant Team have been joined by expert guests from the heat pump and renewables sector to discuss the topics that really matter to heating installers and engineers.

Heat & Buildings Strategy – what it means for heat pumps & installers

Kevin Ellis, Grant UK’s Renewables Sales Manager, is joined in this episode by Tim Pollard, Principal of Pollard and Pollard, and Patrick Wheeler, Director of VitoEnergy and Heat Geek, to discuss the Government’s strategy to decarbonise heating. In the episode, we explore the challenges and opportunities presented by the Heat and Buildings Strategy and discuss the important role installer training will play in order to deliver the Government’s targets for heat pump installations.

Installers & Net Zero – adapting your business for renewables

In this second episode of the Net Zero Heating Show, Matthew Beales, Regional Sales Manager at Grant UK, is joined by two G1 installers who have adapted and grown their businesses in the ever-changing landscape of the heating industry. Tom Smith, Owner of Tom Smith Plumbing & Heating, and Arwel Sharp, Owner of Sharp Plumbing & Heating, have both developed their companies to include renewable heating system installations as part of their offering. In this episode, they share their experiences and advice to fellow installers looking to make the transition into the renewables sector.


Heat Pump Installations & Low-Loss Headers

This episode explores the topic of air source heat pump installations using a low-loss header. Kevin Ellis is joined by Neil Sawers, Commercial Technical Manager at Grant UK, and Jamie Vickers, Director of LPS Renewables Ltd, to discuss this method of heat pump installation. The episode looks at what challenges heat pump installations can present and how a low-loss header and system volumiser can provide the solution.

Biofuels and their place in the road to Net Zero

The fourth episode of the Net Zero Heating Show takes a step away from heat pumps to look at an alternative low carbon heating solution – biofuels. Helen Rishworth, Assistant Marketing Manager at Grant UK, is joined by Neil Sawers, Malcolm Farrow, Head of Public Affairs at OFTEC, and John Weedon, Director of Mitchell & Webber Ltd to discuss the role biofuels can play in helping to decarbonise hard to heat homes. During the episode, we discuss the HVO field trials and their outcome, as well as exploring the case for Government to support this low carbon fuel in its strategy.

Sky’s the limit with heat pump installations

In this episode, Matthew Beales is joined by Ken Bone from Your Energy Your Way to discuss maximising the potential of air source heat pump installations. Ken shares his expertise having worked with heat pumps for over fifteen years, imparting advice for fellow installers – whether you are an installer new to heat pumps or one who is already regularly working with heat pump systems, this episode has something for all. Ken also discusses some of his recent installations where he has combined a heat pump with another renewable technology to maximise the benefits for his customers.

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