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Vortex Eco: Internal

5 Year guarantee*

Vortex Eco: Internal

The Grant Vortex Eco range was launched as a direct response to customer demand for a competitively priced condensing boiler. The Eco models incorporate the latest version of the Grant Vortex stainless steel heat exchanger and are exceptionally quiet in operation featuring the latest Riello burner technology.

a Heating

Features & benefits

Vortex Eco Utility models feature the latest version of the Grant Vortex stainless steel heat exchanger and baffle system and come in outputs ranging from 15–35kW.

 The Vortex Eco Utility models have a simplified casing, control panel and pipework arrangement, making them the ideal choice for utility room installations. The condensate trap comes factory fitted within the case, but can also be positioned externally if preferred. The boilers are designed to allow the burner and combustion chambers to be serviced from the front. Boilers that are fitted with a sealed system kit will also need service access from the top.

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Condensate Removal

The condensate trap is now factory fitted within the white case on Grant Vortex Eco Utility boilers, but can also be positioned externally if preferred.

All boilers are compatible with Grant’s EZ-Fit flue options and can be flued from the top, rear, left or right hand sides of the boiler.

Sealed System Models

Grant Vortex Eco Utility boilers are also available in sealed system versions. These include a factory fitted expansion vessel, filling loop, pressure gauge, automatic air vent, pressure relief valve and high efficiency circulating pump, enabling boilers to be installed without the need for a feed and expansion tank in the loft.

  • Compliant with September 2018 low NOx legislation
  • Outputs ranging from 15–35kW
  • 90.3 – 90.8% Gross SAP2009 annual efficiency
  • 5 year guarantee when installed by a G1 accredited installer (T&C’s apply)
  • Fitted with tried and trusted Riello RDB Lo-NOx burner
  • Exceptionally quiet operation
  • Unique Grant Vortex stainless steel heat exchanger
  • Optional side or rear flue exits
  • Front service access
Low NOx ready

Low NOx ready

On 26th September 2018, the next phase of the EU’s Energy-related Products Directive will come into effect. New legislation will set maximum nitrogen oxides (NOx) emission levels that space heaters will need to meet, reducing the overall NOx emissions produced from heating. For oil-fired boilers, the NOx emissions target will be a maximum of 120mg/kWh so all oil boilers placed on the market by the manufacturer on or after 26th September will need to be compliant.

One of the overarching objectives of the new legislation is to help improve the air quality by reducing pollution. In response to both Government regulations and a growing demand from homeowners, manufacturers have continuously explored ways to make their products more efficient and sustainable. The good news is that advances with burner technology coupled to Grant’s efficient boiler designs have enabled all of our Vortex Pro and Eco boiler ranges to achieve these new targets with virtually no visible change to the existing line up.

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Product code
Set Output
Max Output
NOx Emissions
Tappings Flow/Return
Energy Rating
Load Profile
Energy Label
Product Fiche
VTXECO15/21 Grant Vortex Eco Utility 15-21 21kW 21kW 97kg 860mm 430mm 605mm 92.7 Class 2 - - a Heating - View View
VTXECO21/26 Grant Vortex Eco Utility 21-26 23.5kW 26kW 97kg 860mm 430mm 605mm 91.7 92.4 - - a Heating - View View
VTXECO26/35 Grant Vortex Eco Utility 26-35 31kW 35kW 127kg 900mm 470mm 603mm 92.4 Class 2 - - a Heating - View View
VTXSECO15/21 Grant Vortex Eco Utility System 15-21 21kW 21kW 123kg 860mm 430mm 605mm 92.7 Class 2 - - a Heating - View View
VTXSECO21/26 Grant Vortex Eco Utility System 21-26 23.5kW 26kW 123kg 860mm 430mm 605mm 91.7 Class 2 - - a Heating - View View
VTXSECO26/35 Grant Vortex Eco Utility System 26/35 31kW 35kW 138kg 900mm 470mm 603mm 92.4 92.4 - - a Heating - View View



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