EZ-Fit Vertical conventional flues (Orange System)

EZ-Fit Vertical conventional flues (Orange System)

As many older oil fired boilers are traditionally connected to conventional flue systems, updating to a modern condensing boiler tends to result in the appliance needing to be relocated. The Grant EZ–Fit conventional flue has been specifically designed for the Grant Vortex boiler range to enable the existing chimney to be re-used and the appliance retained in its original position.


Features & benefits

  • Suitable for Grant Vortex boilers up to 70kW
  • The EZ-Fit Flexi packs contain all the components required to utilise the existing chimney, including a smooth bore stainless steel flue liner, terminal, clamp plate and connectors for both the flex and boiler. All that is required to complete the installation is extension pipes or elbows from the Orange system accessories range
  • As an alternative to a Low Level, High Level, or Vertical balanced flue kit, utilising the original chimney with a Grant conventional Flexi-pack moves the plume of vapour above roof level
  • Maximum vertical height (from top of boiler) = 19 metres
  • Quick and simple to install
  • 100mm flue pipe diameter for boilers up to 46kW
  • 125mm flue diameter for boilers from 46-70kW
  • Single skin white powder coated extensions available in 150mm, 250mm, 450mm or 950mm fixed lengths and a 235-300mm adjustable length

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