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Grant’s Uflex underfloor heating system is embedded into the floor construction. It is ideally suited for new builds whereby the pipework is fitted during the initial stages of the property’s development. The Uflex pipework is then positioned and clipped into place once the flooring’s insulation and membrane has been fitted, after which a flow screed is laid over the top and allowed to fully dry before the heat source is introduced.

Features & benefits

Uflex suits the new build and renovation market because developers can incorporate the underfloor system designs into the plans and complete the installation during the early phase of the build. With a drying time of up to thirty days, the Uflex underfloor system can be fitted as part of the floor construction process, therefore causing no delays in construction. Grant’s Uflex system makes underfloor heating a viable option for a wide range of projects, from one-off new build projects and room extensions through to larger multi-property developments.

Grant’s underfloor heating operates continuously and is not designed to be switched off. Working with room thermostats, the system’s temperature can be easily adjusted without needing to switch the heating on or off which, over time, can reduce the overall demand on the heat source. In addition, the warm water used in underfloor heating has a much lower flow temperature compared to conventional radiator systems. This water then feeds into a larger surface area which enables it to heat a room very effectively and efficiently.


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Grant's Uflex uses a flow screed system, as opposed to a solid screed system, meaning that the drying time is much quicker with the flow screed mix drying in thirty days. During the drying period, no heat should be introduced to the system and no one should walk over the floor construction. It has a unique edge insulation, which consists of a self-adhesive edging strip which is located around the surrounds of the area in which the screed will be laid. This strip comes with a ‘skirt’ design which provides an overhang which curves alongside the wall. This edging strip not only contains and seals the screed, it also serves to reduce heat loss out via the walls. 

  • Flow Screed system - 30days drying time.
  • Unique edge insulation
  • Quick reaction time
  • Highly efficient
  • Zone control
  • Easy to install
  • Constant room temperature for added comfort
  • *25yr Guarantee on pipe work only.
Multiple package solutions all from Grant

Multiple package solutions all from Grant

A heating system's overall efficiency can be significantly improved by combining multiple technologies. By installing an air source heat pump alongside a high performance cylinder and effective heat emitters, a home's heating system can be taken into a new class of efficiency. And what's more, you can get all of these products from Grant.

Aerona³ Air Source Heat Pumps

Inverter driven ASHP models which are compact in size, quiet in operation and incredibly efficient, delivering exceptional performance and reliability.

Solo Fan Convectors

A stylish range of wall-mounted and space-saving plinth hydronic fan convectors which effectively emit heat, combining efficient operation with discreet design.

Uflex Underfloor Heating

Suitable for new builds, extensions, renovations and retrofit installations, the Uflex and Uflex MINI underfloor heating systems are designed to suit almost any home’s heating needs.

High Performance Cylinders

Available in sizes from 125ltr up to 400ltr, including an ErP A-rated cylinder and pre-plumbed models, Grant’s cylinders complement both oil and renewable heat sources.

Underfloor Heating Design Service

Are you looking to install an underfloor heating system? From product specification through to producing full designs, Grant can help installers develop bespoke package solutions to suit the heating needs of their customers.

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Grant Uflex Underfloor Heating Course

Intended for domestic heating installers of boilers or ASHP's, either with UFH experience or those wishing to know more about Grant Uflex underfloor heating systems.

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