Grant Uflex underfloor heating 16mm pipe

Uflex Underfloor Heating

25 Year guarantee*

  • Ideal for new builds, extensions & larger developments
  • Straightforward to position, secure & install
  • Install with PE-RT and PEX-AL-PEX pipe

Grant’s Uflex system makes underfloor heating a viable option for a wide range of projects, from one-off new build projects and room extensions through to larger multi-property developments. The Uflex underfloor heating system is embedded into the floor construction so is ideally suited for new builds whereby the pipework is fitted during the initial stages of the property’s development. The Uflex pipework is then positioned and clipped into place once the flooring’s insulation and membrane has been fitted, after which a flow screed is laid over the top and allowed to fully dry before the heat source is introduced.


Features & benefits

  • *25 year guarantee (pipework only)
  • Compatible with PE-RT and WRAS approved PEX-AL-PEX pipe which are supplied by Grant UK. Both the PE-RT and PEX-AL-PEX pipe are 16mm in diameter, flexible and easy to work. PEX-AL-PEX pipe offers the additional benefit of being suitable for other general plumbing uses as well
  • Easy to install with the back-up support from Grant UK also available with system design assistance
  • Grant's Uflex uses a flow screed system, as opposed to a solid screed system, meaning that the drying time is much quicker with the flow screed mix drying in thirty days
  • Uses a unique edge insulation consisting of a self-adhesive edging strip which is located around the surrounds of the area in which the screed will be laid. This strip comes with a ‘skirt’ design which provides an overhang which curves alongside the wall. This edging strip not only contains and seals the screed, it also serves to reduce heat loss out via the walls
  • The Uflex pipework layout can be easily divided into zones allowing for zone control to deliver complete comfort to homeowners
  • Grant Uflex has a quick reaction time - working with room thermostats, the system’s temperature can be easily adjusted without needing to switch the heating on or off which, over time, can reduce the overall demand on the heat source
  • Using ‘setback’ controls, the Uflex system can run continuously, setting back to lower floor temperatures during unoccupied periods and using less energy to reheat the floor when the temperature demand increases
  • Heat emission plates available for UFH installations for suspended floors

Case Studies

Complete heating solutions

Complete heating solutions

Combining multiple technologies can significantly improve the overall efficiency of a home heating system. The installation of a package of heating technologies, such as an air source heat pump and cylinder with an effective heat emitter can raise the efficiency class of the heating system.

Installers can turn to Grant for multiple heating packages, selecting the combination of products which best meet the needs and requirements of their customers. In addition to the manufacture and supply of renewable and complementary heating technologies, Grant UK’s Design and Specification Team can help installers with heat loss calculations, quotations, system design and with their Uflex and Uflex MINI underfloor heating ranges, they can also supply full line by line drawings to make installation easy and straightforward. Read more about the design support from Grant UK here.


Underfloor Heating Design Service

Are you looking to install an underfloor heating system? Grant UK's in-house Design & Specification Team can help with providing a comprehensive design support service for their underfloor heating range

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Package Solutions

A heating system’s overall efficiency can be significantly improved by combining multiple technologies. From heat pumps to cylinders and effective heat emitters, you can get all of these products from Grant.

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Home Heating Blog

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Our award winning Training Academy allows us to offer a wide range of training courses including Grant product training and industry qualifications.

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Customer Support Centre for Heating Professionals

A dedicated online customer support hub for installers, engineers & heating professionals who maintain and service Grant heating products and need post-installation support, including troubleshooting advice, FAQs and videos.

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