Grant CombiSol

Grant CombiSol

When installing a solar thermal system with a mains pressure combination boiler, the Grant CombiSOL is a cost effective solution to combine these two energy sources.

The Grant CombiSOL is a clever arrangement that works by accurately controlling the outlet temperature of the stored secondary hot water that is produced by the solar thermal system. If the stored water is hot enough (≥48°C) it directs the flow straight to the hot water outlet without passing through the combi boiler but if the water is colder than required (≤48°C) it directs the pre heated water through the combi boiler’s cold inlet, to a maximum of 28°C and to the same outlet with a seamless changeover.


Features & benefits

  • Grant’s CombiSOL is an installation requirement when fitting a Grant solar thermal system with an existing or new heating system that includes a mains pressure combination boiler
  • The design of the CombiSOL has refined the use of each valve, giving optimum control of hot water delivery to the taps
  • The CombiSOL also accurately regulates the inlet water temperature to the combination boiler with the mixed water into the appliance limited to a maximum temperature of 28ºC
  • When two energy sources need to be combined, the CombiSOL is a simple solution to aid integration
  • Suitable for use with most combi boilers and fuel types
  • Important notice – it is crucial to ensure that the combination boiler can accept incoming cold mains water temperatures of up to 28ºC and it is recommended to contact the boiler manufacturer to verify this prior to installation
Maintaining a Solar Thermal system

Maintaining a Solar Thermal system

One of the reasons why solar thermal systems are so popular is that they are low maintenance. Servicing and looking after a Grant Solar Thermal system involves minimum intervention but there are some procedures that installers can carry out each year to help the system to continue to operate efficiently. General system checks and testing the solar fluid are two steps recommended as part of an annual service.

To read more, please visit our blog which explains the processes involved in maintaining a Grant Solar Thermal system


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