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The G1 Click app is exclusively available to G1 installers and enables them to register products on the go quickly and easily.

G1 Click is the latest app from Grant UK designed to help G1 installers register their installs when on the move.

G1 Click is simple to use and incorporates several useful features which are designed to enhance its functionality for installers.

The app has been developed for those G1 installers who prefer to swiftly register their installations when on the go, therefore it purposely has less functionality than the Portal. It syncs with an installer’s G1 Portal account, providing a seamless user experience between these two platforms. Through the app, G1 installers can submit a new registration in full or complete a partial registration, save it as a draft and complete it at a later date.

Some handy features which are all designed to help make life easier for engineers, include:

Serial number scanner which can auto-fill the boiler details

Online and offline modes so, even when there is no WiFi onsite, the app will still function and save any data entered

Automatically syncs with an installer’s G1 Portal account

G1 Click allows G1 Installers to register products at the click of a button! Once the app has downloaded onto a device, installers simply need to enter the email address and password that are set up for their G1 Portal account.

Designed to complement the G1 Portal, G1 Click is a useful tool for G1 installers, helping to make their product registrations easier to complete.

If you are a G1 installer and have not downloaded this app, please do so today by please following one of these links:

G1 Click for iOS Devices

Benefits of G1

G1 installers can access a range of benefits such as extended guarantees, technical support and even reward points!

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G1 Portal

G1 installers have access to an exclusive online platform where they can register products and receive product support.

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We have an app for that

We have an app for that

Grant TechBox is exactly what its name suggests – an electronic source which stores all the Grant product technical manuals as downloads.

We have an app for that We have an app for that
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