Grant Quick Recovery Integrated Cylinder

Grant Quick Recovery Integrated Cylinder

25 Year guarantee*

Grant’s QR Integrated Cylinder is a cabinet cylinder, featuring a white casing enclosing a QR Pre-Plumbed single coil 210 litre cylinder.

This self-contained cabinet cylinder includes multiple factory-fitted features which makes installation simple and straightforward. The QR Integrated Cylinder is suitable for both utility and kitchen room installations and can be paired with both traditional and renewable heating systems.


Features & benefits

  • *25 year material guarantee on cylinder shell (subject to full Terms & Conditions)
  • Cabinet cylinder model with high quality, white casing enclosing a QR Pre-Plumbed 210 litre single coil cylinder
  • Similar footprint to a washing machine or fridge
  • Designed to be easily integrated into the home when a separate airing cupboard or room is not available
  • Multiple factory-fitted features so installation is simple and straightforward
  • All pipe connections are at the top rear arranged across the width of the cabinet. Electrical cable outlets are also at the top rear of the cabinet
  • Spacer channels are provided to create a 100mm deep void between the rear of the cabinet and the wall to accommodate and conceal the pipework and electrical wiring, if required.
  • The unit is supplied with the following as standard: both the heating system and hot water expansion vessels, pressure gauge and filling loop, digital dual thermostat and programmable immersion heater timer, and pre-wired electrics and factory-fitted pipework including a built-in filling loop, system pressure gauge, automatic system bypass, a 2-port zone valve for the hot water and two 2-port zone valves for two heating zones.
  • Upper front panel is hinged and supported in the open position on two gas springs – for user access to the control panel incorporating the digital dual stat, pressure gauge and programmable immersion heater switch. The front panel is fitted with a restraining chain to ease opening - the lower front panel is a ‘pull off’ panel and provides access to the system filling loop.
Products to suit your installations

Products to suit your installations

The QR Integrated Cylinder is another example of an innovative product supplied by Grant UK. Designed to provide a hot water storage solution when a cylinder needs to be installed in a main room, such as a kitchen or utility room, this cabinet cylinder combines aesthetics and functionality. When installers need a tailored heating solution for their customers, Grant UK has an extensive range of products which can meet their requirements.

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Product code
Weight Empty
Weight Full
NOx Emissions
Pressure Regulator
Expansion Vessel
Coil Rating Primary
Coil Rating Secondary
Coil Rating Solar
Standing Heat Loss
Energy Rating
Energy Label
Product Fiche
QRINTSC210 Grant Quick Recovery Integrated Single Coil 210L Cylinder 139kg 375kg 1855mm 594mm 727 (inc 100mm spacer channel)mm - - 3bar 3kW 19ltrs 32.0kW - - 1.79kW/24hrs c Heating View View


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