Renewable Heating Systems

Grant UK supply their customers with a comprehensive offering of renewable heating systems including air source heat pumps, solar thermal systems and hot water storage solutions

Models in Range: 4

Air Source Heat Pumps

Grant Aerona³ air source heat pumps are MCS approved, highly efficient and reliable. Designed with the installer in mind, the Grant heat pumps are straightforward to install and maintain while also delivering exceptional performances for homeowners.

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Solar Kits in Range: 15

Solar Thermal

Grant Solar Thermal water heating systems feature high efficiency, Keymark approved collectors, are available in multiple roof mounting options, and can be installed alongside a new or existing central heating system to fulfil a large proportion of a home’s hot water demand

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Models in Range: 15


Grant’s range of cylinders provide installers with high efficiency hot water storage solutions which can partner with traditional and renewable heating system installations.

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Models in Range: 2


Browse our range of Grant EZ-Fit flue systems and heating accessories, including the Mag One magnetic filter.

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