EZ-Fit Flexible Vertical Balanced Flues (Red System)

EZ-Fit Flexible Vertical Balanced Flues (Red System)

The Grant Red system is a unique flexible balanced flue solution to nuisance pluming and cold draughts. It is designed for Grant Vortex condensing boilers up to 26kW (90,000Btu/h) and allows an existing masonry chimney to be utilised rather than re-site the boiler and pipework.

Features & benefits

  • The Grant Red System is supplied in a pack consisting of two lengths of stainless steel flexible vertical flue pipe (available in lengths for 6, 8, 10 and 12 metres), a rigid/flex adaptor, telescopic flue (upper and lower), support clamp, locking band, starter section, boiler connector, fixings and screws and a tube of mastik.
  • Possible to create offsets in straight flue runs by using our 45° elbows and extensions
  • Maximum total flue length = 20 metres (using no more than four 45° elbows)
  • Quick and simple to install
  • Flue pipe diameter = Inner: 80mm Outer:125mm
  • The flexible vertical balanced flue kits share the same EZ-Fit flue extensions and elbows as the Grant ‘White System’. This unique quick fit connection arrangement ensures easy assembly thereby reducing installation costs.
  • Extensions available in 225mm, 450mm or 950mm fixed lengths and a 275-450mm adjustable length
  • Optional 1 metre extended flue terminal
  • Pitched or flat roof flashings in aluminium or lead available

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