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Keeping warm from the floor upwards with Grant underfloor heating

Keeping warm from the floor upwards with Grant underfloor heating
The Uflex underfloor heating system laid in a bifilar configuration prior to the screed being poured over the top.

A Grant Uflex MINI low profile underfloor heating system has been installed throughout the entire downstairs of a four-year-old property, providing the homeowners with complete comfort in the rooms they occupy the most frequently.

The installation of a Grant Uflex MINI underfloor heating system at this property showcases how well it is suited to both extensions and retrofit projects. Built in 2016, the semi-detached family home has welcomed the addition of a two-story extension which has given the homeowners more space throughout their property.

When underfloor heating was selected as the preferred choice of heat emitter for the new room downstairs, the homeowners made the decision to lay underfloor heating throughout the rest of the downstairs space and Grant’s Uflex MINI system was the ideal solution to meet the requirements of both the new and existing rooms.

Low profile underfloor heating: Uflex MINI

The Grant Uflex MINI system is made up of self-adhesive panels which have castellations in them, into which the 9mm pipe is clipped into place. The panels are designed to be applied onto a level, smooth floor whether this be concrete laid as part of an extension or a new build, or upon an existing floor in an established room.

Once the floor has been primed and prepared, the panels can be positioned, the pipework secured and then a screed can be poured over. The Uflex MINI system has an incredibly low profile, being just 15mm in finished floor height, and this means that the amount of screed required is significantly less when compared to conventional underfloor heating systems, reducing the drying time.

Retrofitting Underfloor Heating Systems

The adaptability of the Uflex MINI system to be installed on top of different floor types was the main reason it was chosen for this installation. The homeowners wanted to enjoy the benefits that underfloor heating can deliver throughout all of the downstairs living space but they did not want to dig up their existing floor construction. The panels were easily positioned on the floor in the new extension and they were just as easily fitted on the existing floor construction in the kitchen, conservatory and living room.

In total, 62 square meters of underfloor heating was installed, and this took just two days to achieve. The design of the Uflex MINI panels made installation quick to complete. With this project, the ease of installation was further helped by the supply of full schematic drawings which were supplied by Grant UK’s Design Team. The pipework was laid in a bifilar configuration to ensure even distribution of heat everywhere and the precise positioning of this layout was clearly provided by the full line drawings.

Once the system was laid and the screed fully dry, heat was introduced into the underfloor heating pipework. The new flooring has also been fitted and the homeowners are now enjoying the high levels of comfort that a Grant underfloor heating system affords. The Uflex MINI system was not only installer friendly to fit but it is exceeding the expectations of the family who have been able to retrofit an underfloor heating system into their home with limited disruption.

Why this homeowner chose the Grant Uflex MINI UFH System

  • The Uflex MINI provided a retrofit underfloor heating solution for their home
  • The installation of the Uflex MINI system caused minimal disruption
  • The low profile system required less screed than a traditional screeded UFH system

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Keeping warm from the floor upwards with Grant underfloor heating
The installer clipping the 9mm pipe into the castellations within the self-adhesive panels.

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