Grant hybrid products combine traditional fossil fuel heating with the green advantage of an air source heat pump to provide a renewable solution to boiler replacements.

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Hybrid technologies in home heating systems can allow homeowners to reduce their dependency on fossil fuels by introducing a renewable heat source. The Grant VortexAir, for example, combines a Vortex oil-fired boiler with an Aerona³ air source heat pump which cleverly switches its operation to the most effective heating mode, whether than be heat pump, oil boiler or a combination of both. 

Grant VortexAir Range

Grant VortexAir Range

  • Incorporates the Grant Aerona³ heat pump with a Vortex oil boiler
  • Heat pump is MCS Certified
  • Designed to operate with maximum efficiency
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Grant VortexAir Accessories

  • Designed specifically for the VortexAir hybrid
  • Includes heat meter and electricity meter kits
  • Grant Aerona³ heat pump accessories compatible with hybrid range
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What is a Grant VortexAir Hybrid?

The VortexAir Hybrid is a combination of a high efficiency condensing oil boiler and an air source heat pump, interconnected using a control system, such that they operate together as a single unit. It is intended to be installed where a heat pump along may not be suitable for a particular application.

How does a hybrid system work?

The control system on the hybrid unit monitors the ambient (outside) air temperature and allows only the heat pump to operate when the air temperature is high enough for it to meet the heat demand of the building on its own. At lower ambient air temperatures the boiler will operate alongside the heat pump, providing a boost to the flow temperature. When the ambient air temperature falls lower still, the boiler is operated at its full output at a higher flow temperature to enable the hybrid unit to meet the higher heating demand of the building.

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What is the benefit of using a hybrid?

A hybrid unit enables the optimum use of both an inverter driven air source heat pump and a highly efficient condensing oil boiler, throughout the year, as the ambient air temperature (and consequently the heat demand of the building) changes, thus providing the most efficient use of both the renewable and non-renewable energy sources. The VortexAir Hybrid allows end-users to benefit from low carbon heating for the majority of the year with the boiler used as a back up during colder periods.

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