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Discover the convenience of effortlessly controlling your home's heating system with one of Grant's Controller kits. Featuring the latest Aerona Smart Controller or Aerona Remote Controller, Grant supply Controller kits which are designed specifically for installation with the Aerona³ air source heat pump range. Set your comfort with user-friendly controls designed to make controlling your heat pump system simple and straightforward.

Aerona Smart Controller

The Aerona Smart Controller offers you an intuitive solution to control your Grant heat pump, cleverly incorporating advanced controller technology into a sleek and stylish display. Compatible with all Aerona³ air source heat pumps, this smart controller is easy to navigate, allowing you to set heating schedules, domestic hot water timings and adjust room temperatures to suit your preferences. 

Aerona Smart Controller Features & Benefits

Combining clever design with eye-catching aesthetics, the Aerona Smart Controller can provide you with all of the following:

  • Wall-mounted user interface with 4.5” colour touchscreen display housed in a stylish black casing
  • Set and adjust your heating and hot water schedules with weekly or daily timed programming
  • Access to core heat pump and system settings via a user-friendly navigation menu including clear, visual diagrams representing both the heat pump and system
  • Stay in control even when you are away from home using the supporting app which enables remote access to the controller, allowing you to adjust settings (Aerona Smart WiFi Hub required)
  • Dedicated web-based platform also available which can be used instead of or alongside the app to provide remote control of your controller (Aerona Smart WiFi Hub required)
  • A system weather compensated controller, the Aerona Smart Controller monitors the outside temperature and adjusts your heat pump’s operation to work at its optimum efficiency based on the outdoor conditions
  • Compatible with wired and wireless thermostats which maintain the desired room temperature and provide temperature management for each heating zone
  • Incorporates built-in user and installer assistants which support with the heat pump set-up, commissioning and long-term system monitoring

Smarter control of your Grant heat pump

The Aerona Smart Controller is supplied with a WiFi Hub which enables remote access to the Smart Controller’s operation for you and your installer. Through a user-friendly web-based portal and mobile app, you can easily monitor and adjust your controller settings, while your installer can use the web-based portal to remotely access the unit and analyse system performance data to assist with diagnostics. To get started, download the ecoNet24 app from the Apple and Google Play stores.

Aerona Remote Controller

The Aerona Remote Controller is an alternative controller for Aerona³ heat pumps. The Aerona Remote Controller is a compact white cased wall-mounted unit which provides homeowners and their installers with a simple interface through which the heat pump’s core parameters can be set, viewed and adjusted. With dedicated homeowner and installer permissions, the Remote Controller allows you and your heating engineer to access, view and set the heat pump’s operating functions. A separate timer (supplied by Grant UK) is then used for the hot water settings with a programmer or programmable room thermostat controlling the space heating. 

Aerona Remote Controller Features & Benefits

While the Aerona Remote Controller does not feature app-enabled functionality, it does include the following attributes:

  • Minimalistic, modern unit featuring a hinged white cover behind which the LCD display and buttons sit
  • Allows you to switch your heat pump on and off while also providing access to adjust the core heat pump and system parameters
  • Provides real-time operating data such as power consumption, system flow and return temperatures and more
  • LCD display screen uses symbols to keep you informed about the heat pump's operation, indicating when the defrost cycle is active, if a heating or hot water demand is being called for, if the frost protection function is operating, and more
  • A comprehensive playlist of video tutorials about the Aerona Remote Controller is available to view via Grant UK YouTube’s Channel.

How to order a Grant Controller Kit

The Aerona Smart Controller and Aerona Remote Controller are available to order as kits from your local merchant alongside your chosen model of Aerona³ air source heat pump. It is important that the correct controller kit is selected, for either the Smart Controller or Remote Controller, to suit the heating output of the Aerona³ heat pump being installed. You can download our guide to configuring a Grant heat pump here and to take your next steps towards installing a Grant heat pump in your home, please contact a local heat pump installer using our Find an Installer search.

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