Uflex Heating Controls

Uflex Heating Controls

2 Year guarantee*

  • Compatible with Grant's underfloor heating systems
  • Suitable for installation with air source heat pumps, solar thermal and other technologies
  • Wired and wireless controls

Grant supply the necessary controls to operate the Uflex and Uflex MINI underfloor heating systems as effectively and efficiently as possible. The Uflex Neostat V2, Uflex Edge and the wireless NeoAir V2-M are programmable room thermostats that give homeowners complete control of their Grant underfloor heating system at the touch of a button. With their sleek, stylish and compact designs, these controls have clear visual displays to provide end-users with the essential information they need to know about their system.


Features & benefits

  • 2 year guarantee (Terms & Conditions apply)
  • Easy to navigate programming, clear displays and buttons, and slim designs with glacier white finish
  • Flexible programming with all controls offering 5/2 Day programming, 7 Day programming and 24 Hours programming as well as holiday function
  • Key locking function available to help reduce tampering of the system
  • Self Learning Preheat functionality which calculates how long it takes for the home to warm up and uses this calculation to ensure the property is always at the desired temperature. They also detect changes which may cause the preheat time to change, helping to maintain system efficiency and reduce energy bills
  • The controls have a built in air sensor and remote floor sensor option is also available. They also have remote air sensing modes available using wireless air sensors and window/door switches (Uflex Edge pairs to these wireless sensors via RF connection. Uflex Neostat V2 and NeoAir V2-M must connect to neoHub and app before connecting to wireless sensors)
  • Uflex Neostat V2 is hard wired and is suitable for single and multi-zone installations. It is also designed to pair with the neoHub via a WiFi connection to enable remote control from anywhere via the neoHub app
  • Uflex Edge is also hard wired and it has in built Modbus Connectivity, allowing it the programmable room thermostat to integrate with third party home automation and building management systems
  • NeoAir V2-M is wireless, battery powered, and can be used either as a thermostat, time clock or thermostat and hot water timer. It also has WiFi connectivity when paired with the neoHub and neoHub app
  • Heating engineers should visit the Professionals Uflex underfloor heating controls webpage to read more about the range
User-friendly control of your heating system

User-friendly control of your heating system

Grant’s underfloor heating controls not only have a stylish design to compliment room interiors, but they are also simple and straightforward to use. All the controls have a visual display to show homeowners key information about their system. Both the Uflex Neostat V2 and NeoAir V2-M are easy to navigate with all of the programming options available across the bottom of the back lit display and the Uflex Edge has an LCD display screen with the navigating buttons located to the side of the screen. These programmable thermostats allow end-users to adjust their settings, view their room-by-room temperatures and to access troubleshooting assistance when required.

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