Grant Aerona³ accessories

Grant Aerona³ accessories

Grant supply a range of accessories which are compatible with the Aerona³ air source heat pump and VortexAir Hybrid ranges. Each accessory is designed to complement the operation of Grant heat pumps.

Features & benefits

  • The flexi-foot kit with fixings comprises of two 600mm feet. The Aerona³ unit is mounted onto the feet to raise the heat pump off the group while also serving as anti-vibration. (Please note, when installing a VortexAir Hybrid with both the boiler and heat pump sited together externally, two kits will be required totalling four feet)
  • Three sealed system kits are available in 12 litre, 18 litre and 50 litre sizes to suit all Aerona³ heat pump models
  • The through wall insulation kit includes a heavy duty 22-28mm flexi hose specifically designed for use with the Aerona³
  • The Hot Water Priority (one zone) Relay gives hot water priority within the central heating system – it allows the cylinder to fill with hot water without taking hot water from the heating system, satisfying the demands for both hot water and heating simultaneously
  • The Hot Water Priority (two zone) Relay is for use on heating systems with two central heating zones, such as one upstairs and one downstairs – this two zone hot water priority relay enables the hot water demand to be prioritised over two central heating zones instead of one
  • The Grant 7 day immersion programmer automatically switches on the cylinder’s immersion element when required. It also has an additional feature of automatic bacteria protection which involves bringing on the immersion for short periods of time to sanitise the cylinder contents (this programmer should be fitted with every heat pump/cylinder installation)
  • The EP001 wiring centre is ideal when more than one zone needs to be connected to a heat pump as it simplifies the wiring associated with multi-zone heating systems
  • Grant also supply a System Combined Volumiser/Low Loss Header which helps maintain correct flow rate through the heat pump as well as providing suitable volume of system water
  • When there is no room inside for the Combined Volumiser/Low Loss Header, a 30 Litre External Volumiser can be supplied which sits behind the heat pump to provide suitable volume for the system water
  • Installers requiring the part codes for the accessories listed above should visit the Professionals heat pump accessories webpage
Maximising system efficiency

Maximising system efficiency

There are lots of different ways in which a central heating system can be made more efficient. The range of complementary heating technologies which are now available, to work alongside primary heat sources such as air source heat pumps, provides homeowners with an exciting opportunity to go even greener.

To read more about how you can maximise your heating system’s overall efficiency in three steps, please read our blog here.


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