Uflex & Uflex MINI Overlay Underfloor Heating System

Uflex & Uflex MINI Overlay Underfloor Heating System

5 Year guarantee*

  • Non-screeded underfloor heating system
  • Lightweight boards
  • Quick installation

Grant’s Uflex and Uflex MINI Overlay System is a dry, non-screeded solution for underfloor heating systems. The lightweight boards, available in either 16mm or 20mm thickness, can be laid directly on top of most types of new and existing floor surfaces, making them ideal for retrofit underfloor heating system installations. The Uflex and Uflex MINI pipe is positioned into the pre-formed grooves which makes installation straightforward and, being low in profile, the overlay system causes minimal increase to the existing floor height.


Features & benefits

  • 5 year guarantee (*Terms & Conditions apply)
  • An alternative solution to traditional, wet screeded systems
  • There is no need to wait weeks for a wet screed to dry making for a quicker installation
  • The polystyrene boards, available foiled or non-foiled, can be fitted on top of most new and existing wooden or concrete floor surfaces
  • Suitable for use with most types of floor covering, from tiles through to wood laminate and wood panelling
  • Uflex MINI Overlay System features 16mm thick boards suitable for 10mm pipe with 100mm centres
  • Uflex Overlay System features 20mm thick boards suitable for 16mm pipe with either 150mm or 200mm centres
  • Little disruption to existing floors and minimal increase to existing floor height
  • Ideally suited for fitting with low temperature systems, such as air source heat pumps, and an alternative to installing larger radiators
  • Heating engineers should visit the Professionals Uflex & Uflex MINI Overlay System webpage to read more about the range
What benefits do Grant’s Overlay Underfloor Heating System deliver?

What benefits do Grant’s Overlay Underfloor Heating System deliver?

The Grant Uflex and Uflex MINI Overlay System is a dry system which means that you do not require a wet screed which is traditionally poured over underfloor heating pipework. This makes the Overlay System a popular choice for retrofit projects because it can be installed quickly, whereby installers can fit the robust, high density polystyrene boards on top of an existing, suitable floor surface, lay the pipe into place and then fit the new floor covering directly on top.

The Uflex and Uflex MINI Overlay System uses boards which are available either foiled or non-foiled. The foiled boards have a bonded layer of aluminium foil on the upper surface which enhances the transmission of heat across the floor. Whichever type of board is used, the system is designed to effectively transfer the heat from the underfloor heating system into the room making this heat emitter an ideal partner for heat pumps. Learn more about renewable heating systems…


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