What is hybrid heating?

What is hybrid heating?

Hybrid solutions bring together two different heating technologies helping homeowners to incorporate renewable energy into their homes.

Hybrid heating packages together two different heating technologies and combines them in one operating system. These innovative hybrid solutions can enable households with traditional fossil fuel systems (for example gas or oil) to inject greener, more sustainable technologies (like an air source heat pump) into their home heating.

VortexAir Hybrid

The Grant VortexAir combines a Vortex low NOx flame oil boiler with an Aerona³ R32 air source heat pump. Both appliances can be installed externally as one complete unit or the oil boiler can be sited indoors and the heat pump fitted outdoors, depending on the needs of the property. These hybrid systems have been designed to maximise overall system efficiency, cleverly switching between different heating modes whether that be the heat pump operating only, the oil boiler operating only or a combination of both. Depending on the temperature demands on the system, a hybrid like the VortexAir will seamlessly switch operation to the most effective heating mode.

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EvoLink Hybrid Heating System

The EvoLink is a wall-mounted white cased unit which houses the hydraulics to add an Aerona³ R32 air source heat pump to an existing fossil fuel heating system. Compatible with most types of existing domestic heating systems, including gas boilers, oil boilers, LPG boilers and modulating biomass boilers, the EvoLink allows households to incorporate renewable energy into their heating system while also keeping their existing boiler as the supplementary heat source. When a heat pump alone may be unable to fulfil a property’s entire heat demand, the EvoLink provides a solution to reduce the carbon emissions of a heating system.

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Why install a hybrid heating system?

Hybrid solutions such as the VortexAir allow heat to be restored to a property quickly (by fitting the high efficiency oil boiler as a stand-alone unit first) before making the necessary adjustments to the system and radiators to accommodate the heat pump (which can be installed afterwards). Meanwhile, the EvoLink Hybrid System Hub facilitates the installation of a low carbon heat pump alongside an existing boiler, helping homes commence their transition away from fossil fuels. Homeowners who want to reduce the carbon the footprint of their homes can turn to hybrid technologies to meet their needs, with greener energy fuelling their heating system for much of the time but with the back-up of a traditional fuel source when demand requires.

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What is hybrid heating?
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