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How to order a Grant heating system

How to order a Grant heating system
You can order Grant boilers, heat pumps, solar thermal systems, radiators and much more via your local installer and heating merchant

Upgrading your heating system is a home investment so it often involves many hours of research, conversations and calculations to ensure that an informed decision is made to choose the right solution. In this blog, we go back to basics to talk homeowners through the different steps they need to take when ordering a Grant heating system.

A heating system is usually changed due to one of two reasons – an emergency replacement or a planned home improvement. With the former, when an existing heating appliance breaks down, the decision about what product to replace it with is usually restricted by the factor of time. When a property is without heating or hot water, a quick solution needs to be found so often a new, more efficient version of the existing heat source is installed.

Conversely, if the replacement of an old heating appliance is a planned project to help improve the home, homeowners will often spend weeks and months exploring the different solutions available to them before deciding upon a like-for-like replacement or completely renewable heating system. Either way, whether you are needing a quick replacement or are planning to upgrade your heating system in the coming months, the steps you need to take to order a Grant heating system are the same in both circumstances.

Research what is available
Begin the process by researching the heating technologies available to you. If your home is currently heated by oil and you are looking for a more efficient, high performing version of your existing boiler, read about the latest oil boilers to discover more about the options available to you. You may have an internal boiler currently but the idea of freeing up some space inside the home may mean that an externally sited new boiler may be an option. Grant, for example, have sixty-three oil boilers so there is plenty of choice when it comes to choosing a replacement.

If you are looking to make your heating system greener by going with a renewable solution, lots of variety is also available in this market too. Do you want an electric heating system? Do you want to combine more than one renewable heating technology? Are you looking to utilise Government schemes and funding? With so many questions and so much choice, a great place to start your renewable heating research is Grant UK’s Knowledge Hub where you can find the answers to these questions.

Whether you are looking for an oil boiler or a renewable heating system, Grant’s online product selector tool can provide you with a shortlist of models which can meet your requirements. This handy tool asks you to select your preferred fuel source, and, depending on the choices selected, a couple of further questions can then be answered before the tool provides you with some potential product solutions.

Contact local installers
After completing your initial research, you will then need to find and contact installers in your local area. A heating engineer will attend your property and they will be able to talk through the specifics of your heating requirements. They will likely carry out a heat loss calculation of your property and will fully assess your home in order to recommend the most suitable product models.

For example, if you are choosing an oil boiler, an installer will be able to advise on the size of boiler you need and they will also be able to indicate whether other areas of your heating system need replacing as well (such a new hot water cylinder). If you are discussing a renewable heating system with your installer, please remember that Grant UK’s in-house Design Team are on hand to help both end-users and heating engineers with specifications, quotations and designs and they are just a phone call away.

If you are ready to search for G1 Installers in your area, please use the Find an Engineer search facility on the Grant UK website. Simply enter your postcode, select the technology you are wanting installed and the search will then produce a list of G1 Installers near to you. It is recommended that you contact more than one installer to obtain a few quotations for comparison.

Order through a merchant
In most instances, your installing engineer will handle the ordering of your Grant product via their local merchant. Grant products are distributed via a national network of heating merchants based throughout England, Scotland and Wales with many stocking Grant oil boilers and air source heat pumps ready for quick deliveries to site.

Hopefully this blog has provided you with an outline of the processes involved in ordering a Grant heating system – research the technologies, find an installer and order through a merchant branch.

Helen Rishworth
Content & Communications Manager at Grant UK
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