Milton Keynes PRU School

Milton Keynes

Two Aerona 13kW heat pumps installed at school.jpg (1) The plant room installation including a low loss header & QR cylinder.jpg

Milton Keynes PRU School underwent an extension development which required a new renewable heating system. The system specified and installed included two Aerona³ air source heat pumps, a QR hot water cylinder and Grant combined volumiser/low loss header.

Type of building: School

Products: Air source heat pump, hot water cylinder, low loss header

Model: Two Aerona³ 13kW air source heat pumps and QR 210ltr Single Coil Cylinder

Location: Milton Keynes

Installer: Modplan Mechanical & Electrical Installations Ltd

Completion: 2024

Comments: The installers find the Aerona³ R32 heat pump range straightforward to fit plus they are affordable, which was particularly important for this project which needed to come in within budget. The support from the Grant staff is good which the installers appreciated throughout this project.

Picture Credits: Modplan

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