Please note: course availability changes daily – please ring the Grant Training Academy on 01380 736943 for the latest information.

Grant Training Course Schedule

Course Location Date
Grant Pressure Jet Oil Burners Devizes October 30th
Grant Vortex Condensing Boilers Devizes October 31st
Grant Combi Boilers Devizes November 1st
CAT 1 - OFT10-600A Devizes September 25th
CAT 2 - OFT10-600A Devizes September 4th
CAT 1 - OFT10-600A/OFT10-105E Devizes September 25th 26th
CAT 2 - OFT10-600A/OFT10-105E Devizes September 4th 5th
CAT 1 - OFT10-600A/OFT10-105E/OFT10-101 Devizes September 25th 26th 27th
CAT 2 - OFT10-600A/OFT10-105E/OFT10-101 Devizes October 10th 11th 12th 13th
CAT 1 - OFT10-101 Devizes September 25th 26th 27th
CAT 2 - OFT10-101 Devizes October 10th 11th 12th 13th
Grant Pressure Jet Oil Burners Hawes October 17th
Grant Vortex Condensing Boilers Hawes October 18th
Grant Combi Boilers Hawes October 19th
Grant Wood Pellet Boiler Course Hawes November 14th 15th
Grant Solar Thermal Systems Devizes October 5th
Logic WRAS Certificate Devizes To Be Advised
Hot Water Systems Certificate Devizes September 8th
Grant Wood Pellet Boiler Course Devizes October 31st November 1st
Grant Wood Pellet Boiler Course Cambridge To Be Advised
Grant Air Source Heat Pump Course Devizes October 17th 18th
Grant Air Source Heat Pump Course Hawes November 28th 29th
Grant Air Source Heat Pump Course Elgin To Be Advised

CAT 1 – currently registered OFTEC Technicians seeking re-registration

CAT 2 – unregistered, experienced Oil Technicians looking for registration

It is possible to undertake OFTEC Training & Assessment up to six months prior to an existing registration expiring with the registration following on consecutively from the expiry date, i.e. no loss from the five year period.

GTEC Training – Hawes, North Yorkshire
For information on OFTEC training and assessment courses in the North of England, with our training partner GTEC Training, click here.

Grant UK introduces Kevin Ellis to the Sales Team

Grant UK is pleased to announce the appointment of Kevin Ellis who joins the Company as Divisional Sales Manager, covering the South, the Midlands and Wales. This summer has seen Grant UK welcome a new member to their Sales Team, further increasing the level of coverage that the Sales ManagersRead More

Grant UK supports Bath Rugby for a third season

Grant UK is a Business Partner of Bath Rugby for the 2017/18 season, supporting the boys in Blue, Black and White for the third year running. Last year saw Bath Rugby finish fifth in the Premiership, marking the end of a season which was filled with plenty of excitement onRead More

Grant UK adds new models to its Vortex Boiler House range

In September this year, Grant UK will introduce new boiler house models into the Vortex oil boiler range, increasing the number of heating outputs on offer. With their distinctive new colour, these boilers are set to be attention grabbing in more than one way. Boiler house models are ideal forRead More

Changes to Domestic RHI Scheme in Spring/Summer 2017

UPDATE 3rd July 2017: The election held in June 2017 meant that the proposed RHI reform regulations (detailed below) could not be laid before Parliament and come into force until after the election. Now that the election has happened, any changes to the Domestic RHI scheme will be subject to decisionsRead More

Changes to the RHI Scheme: Spring 2016

At the beginning of March 2016, the Department of Energy and Climate Change announced a number of changes to the Renewable Heat Incentive which are planned to come into force on 24th March 2016. Six key amendments are due to be introduced but further changes could also be announced. AsRead More