OFT10-600A/OFT10-105E/OFT10-101: Oil Appliance Installation, Oil Storage and Supply Installation, and Pressure Jet Servicing and Commissioning

3 or 4 days*

OFTEC Oil Boiler Training

This OFTEC course includes training and assessment for practicing oil technicians wishing to obtain OFT10-600A, OFT10-105E and OFT10-101 registration allowing them to ‘self-certify’ their oil boiler and domestic/non-domestic oil tank installations and commission pressure jet oil appliances in accordance with Part L of the current Building Regulations (England & Wales).

Course Overview

This course includes the training and assessment relating to OFT10-600a - Installation of oil fuel storage and supply systems connected to fixed combustion, OFT10-105E - Installation of oil and bio-liquid fuelled fixed combustion appliances and systems, and OFT10-101 - Single stage pressure jet servicing and commissioning. 

Who Should Attend

This course and qualification is designed for practicing oil technicians. For OFT10-101 candidates lacking ‘hands on’ experience in the servicing/commissioning of pressure jet burners, Grant strongly recommends attending the Grant Pressure Jet Burner course before undertaking OFT10-101 training and assessment.

*Candidates who are currently still OFTEC registered (ie. who need to be re-assessed to re-register) are only required to sit a shorter re-assessment. In this case, the duration of the training and assessment has been reduced to three days. Candidates who have not been previously OFTEC assessed, or those who were registered but have allowed their registration to lapse for more than 12 months, will have to sit the full OFTEC assessment. The duration of this training and assessment is four days.

CAT 1: currently registered OFTEC Technicians seeking re-registration
CAT 2: unregistered, experienced Oil Technicians looking for registration

Cost: Please contact the Grant Training Department

Upcoming courses

May 01st 2024 Grant UK Training Centre, Swindon (CAT 1) Enquire
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