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General Advice & Videos
Do you recommend treatment of the central heating water?
What is the difference between seasonal efficiency and combustion efficiency?
Can I use a smart heating thermostat like a Nest or Hive system with a Grant Vortex boiler?
Can a Grant Vortex boiler heat water alone without having heating on?
Do I need a frost stat on an external boiler?
Building Regulations
How does Part L of the Building Regulations affect my oil boiler installation?
Can condensing boilers be used on gas oil?
Where can I find an old boiler manual?
Are oil boilers going to be banned?
What is the difference between a Vortex Pro and Vortex Eco boiler?
Can I connect underfloor heating directly to a Grant Vortex Condensing boiler?
Does the Vortex Pro and Vortex Eco have the same stainless heat exchanger and turbulator baffle system?
Are Grant boilers biofuel compatible?
Do I need to carry out a heat loss calculation for an oil boiler installation?
Can I connect a Grant Vortex boiler to an older heating system?
Can a Grant boiler be installed on a one pipe system?
Should you Power Flush the heating system before fitting a new boiler?
Manuals & Technical Info
Installation Manuals & User Instructions
Vortex Burner Settings
Vortex Pro Range
Vortex Eco Range
Vortex Boiler House Range
Flue Systems
Brochure & Data Sheets
Associated Documents

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