Grant Solar Collectors

Grant Solar Collectors

5 Year guarantee*

Solar Thermal Systems from Grant are incredibly efficient, durable and reliable, and with installation usually taking two days to complete, they are installer friendly as well.

Comprising of the Sahara flat plate collector, a multifunctional differential controller with LED display, three roof mounting options and a series of accessories, Grant’s Solar Thermal range provides flexibility for installation. Installers can order Grant Solar Thermal Systems as kits which meet the requirements of most installations and include the core system components as well as a pump station, pipe connections and solar fluid.


Features & benefits

  • *Grant Solar Thermal kits are available with a 5 year guarantee (subject to Terms and Conditions) and G1 Installers can activate a 10 year guarantee on the Sahara Collectors (subject to Terms and Conditions)
  • Grant use a unique patented system where the heat transfer sheet within the Sahara collector interlocks both the pipe and absorber for perfect thermal transfer. Additional aluminium plates enclose the copper pipes and, combined with an industrial strength adhesive, result in 360° heat transfer
  • The Sahara collector features a serpentine pipe configuration which ensures maximum heat transfer to achieve 82.6% collector efficiency
  • Sahara collectors are available in portrait and landscape orientation and with three roof mounting arrangements – in-roof, on-roof and flat-roof
  • The range is Solar Keymark approved
  • Grant’s collectors are made from premium materials to ensure durability and reliability, and they are tested to the requirement of BS EN 12975
  • Sahara collector has self-cleaning glass so maintenance for homeowners is kept to a minimum
  • Compatible with all conventional heating systems, Grant Solar Thermal can help homeowners save money on their fuel bills by fulfilling their hot water demand almost all year round

Awards & Accreditations

MCS- Solar Keymark- solar thermal

Case Studies

Designing a solar thermal system

Designing a solar thermal system

When designing a solar thermal system, installers need to factor in the location and orientation of a building, the roof’s inclination, and shading to list just a few considerations. Grant Solar collectors have an absorber (or nett) area of 2.14m² and, it is usually recommended that 1.0-1.3m² of nett should be allowed per person. Then, for the cylinder, they require 50-60 litres capacity per m² of nett collector area. For example, a two collector system will require a cylinder of approximately 200-250 litres and this would be sufficient to satisfy the majority of hot water demand from four people.

To discuss solar thermal system designs and the range in further detail, please contact your local Grant Sales Representative.


Product code
NOx Emissions
Collector Gross Area
Apperture/Absorber Area
Glass Type
Glass Thickness
Effective Thermal Capacity
Conversion Factor
Linear Heat Loss Coefficient
Linear Heat Loss Coefficient
Stagnation Temperature
Maximum Operating Pressure
Fluid Content
Tilt Angle
Pressure Drop 2.5ltrs/min
Product Fiche
GS222773 Grant Solar Thermal collector (BRONZE) 40kg 2043mm 1143mm 80mm - - 2.34m² 2.14m² ESG, Durasolar P+ Sandy 3.2mm - 12620KJ/ m²K² 0.826 4.4a1 0.008a2 177°C 10bar 1.6ltr 20/90 105mbar -


Package Solutions

A heating system’s overall efficiency can be significantly improved by combining multiple technologies. From heat pumps to cylinders and effective heat emitters, you can get all of these products from Grant.

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