Why is an UFH system not heating up a room?

If an underfloor heating system is not warming up a room, you should check the following:

  • That the room thermostat fitted is calling for heat and that the valve has opened using the visual window on the actuator.
  • That the room thermostat is connected to and communicating to the correct actuator(s).
  • That the room thermostats are not operating in temperature set-back mode.
  • That the flow temperature is correct as it enters the floor loops. Although typical design water temperatures are suggested throughout this guide, there is some element of a learning curve with UFH, as on some occasions the design water temperature may need to be raised after commissioning and once the system has been in operation during a heating season.
  • That the primary flow and return connections are installed correctly and not crossed over at the UFH manifold.
  • That the primary water temperature is not too low. This needs to be at least 10˚C higher than the UFH system water temperature, especially when using a mixing valve / pump kit.
  • Thermal resistance of floor covering is not too high, as this could reduce the floor heat output.

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