What do the error codes mean on the Aerona³ Remote Heat Pump Controller?

If a fault occurs with a Grant Aerona³ heat pump, the fault code will display in two areas. On the Aerona Remote Controller, a two or three digit fault code along with a warning icon will be displayed on the LCD screen - a red LED on the remote controller on/off switch will also be flashing. A two digit error code will also show on the LED display of the Terminal PCB found on the heat pump itself.

A complete list of the fault codes which can display along with further information about how to check each fault and how to resolve a fault, please refer to the Fault Finding section of the Aerona³ Heat Pump Installation Manual.

The video below provides a tutorial for heating engineers which talks through where to find heat pump fault codes as well as demonstrating how fault codes can be reset. Heating engineers can read more troubleshooting support for resetting heat pump fault codes here as well.

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