Fan Convectors

The Grant Solo hydronic fan convector range consists of three highly efficient models which deliver effective heating while also considering a home’s aesthetics.

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Why choose a Fan Convector?

Incorporating intelligent technology, Solo fan convectors deliver faster rates of convection compared to conventional radiators. With a low water content and sophisticated temperature control, Solo fan convectors deliver the precise amount of heat when and where it is needed. The units require no warm up time so they can start distributing heat as soon as hot water is available. Consequently, Solo fan convectors will operate for shorter periods of time and consume low amounts of energy. 

Why are fan convectors good for use with heat pumps?
Fan convectors heat up faster than conventional radiators as they require no warm up time and can start distributing heat as soon as hot water is available, they also enable a constant flow to be sustained through the system which greatly assists the correct operation of heat pumps. The two technologies are designed to work together to deliver improved efficiencies throughout the entire heating system.
Why are fan convectors said to be safer?
While the Solo fan convectors are designed to emit heat quickly, their surface temperature never reaches dangerous levels regardless of the water temperature which makes these units safer to touch especially for children and the elderly.

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