Grant Vortex Mag One Magnetic Filter

Grant Vortex Mag One Magnetic Filter

The Mag One provides innovative protection for your central heating system. This universal filter protects new system components from damage and increases the effectiveness and lifespan of existing ones.

The revolutionary triple-action filter identifies and collects all types of non-ferrous debris and magnetite within the system.  The unit can be installed with new heating systems or retrofitted to older ones, during boiler replacement for example.


Features & benefits

  • Using a simple to install, triple action filtration design, the Mag One filters magnetite and nonferrous debris from central heating systems with a 12,000 gauss neodymium magnet.
  • One Mag One filter provides innovative protection for up to 36kW. For larger systems you can fit two Mag One filters in a parallel circuit.
  • Hose adaptor for remote draining
  • Full bore flat face 28mm chrome isolation valves with 22mm reducers
  • 120°C max working temperature
  • 500ml dosing capacity
  • 360° installation
  • 6 bar max working pressure
  • The unit is also compatible with all system inhibitors and glycol solutions
Grant Mag One Fill and Flush Connector Kit

Grant Mag One Fill and Flush Connector Kit

Grant UK also stock a Fill and Flush Connector Kit for the Mag One magnetic filter (Part Code: VM04). Featuring a fill and flush brass connector with two 1” female coupling camlock fittings, this kit helps engineers remove unwanted debris from heating systems. The Connector Kit enables flexible hoses from a standard fill and flush machine to be connected to the heating system by removing the Grant Mag One filter body and temporarily replacing it with the connector. Once the flushing is complete, the Connector Kit can be removed and the Mag One filter fitted back into place.

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