Grant GES264 sequence controller

Grant GES264 sequence controller

5 Year guarantee*

Heating controls can affect system performance and efficiency. The correct control system not only makes it easier to maintain a more comfortable temperature within the home, but it keeps heating bills and carbon emissions down by using less fuel.

The Grant GES264 sequence controller is designed to manage between two and four heat sources, such as air source heat pumps, wood pellet boilers and oil and gas boilers. Using a common flow sensor, the GES264 ensures that all the appliances share the load throughout the year to satisfy the heating demand. 


Features & benefits

  • *5 year guarantee (subject to T&C's)
  • Designed to cope with a mix of fuels all at the same time which is achieved by using a common flow sensor and using the heat sources installed to satisfy the demand.
  • When controlling up to four appliances, the controller will record the time run for every heat source/boiler and rotate the firing sequence to provide an equal burn time for all units.
  • When firing takes place, the controller will ensure that each appliance will only run when required, depending on the load placed on the system - this ensures maximum efficiency and prevents unnecessary firing and wasted energy.
  • Pump overrun can be included depending on the system design and layout.
  • The GES264 controller can also control the primary and hot water pumps.



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