Grant GEO360 weather compensator

5 Year guarantee*

Grant GEO360 weather compensator

If a system is without weather compensation, when air temperatures in the house fall below the setting on the room thermostat, a signal is sent for the boiler to fire and warm the house. Unfortunately a disadvantage of this simple arrangement is that the thermostat only tells the boiler to turn on or off when the house is too cold or too hot, respectively. Some systems are even installed without a room thermostat (boiler interlock), relying solely on individual thermostatic radiator valves.

In either case, no consideration is given to maintaining the correct flow and return temperatures that enable a boiler to operate in condensing mode or to any external temperature fluctuations.

Features & benefits

The GEO360 (Grant Efficiency Optimiser) is a smart control system comprising of a controller, two pipe sensors together with an internal and external air sensor, coupled to a mixing valve. With the information retrieved through the outdoor air sensor (fitted on a north facing wall) the unit can adjust system water temperature to match a heat output closer to the needs of the home. In fact, the system will adapt before it even feels too cold or too hot.  In periods of warm weather the GEO360 will automatically shut the system down until it is needed again. Flow and return temperatures can be pre-set on the control module enabling condensing boilers to operate in condensing mode more often, thereby saving fuel and making the system more environmentally friendly.


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The unit monitors weather conditions throughout the year regardless of the season. Without the control, a heating system does not know if it is a cool autumn night or the coldest winter day. Therefore it works as if it was always the coldest day of the year and heats the system water to a maximum temperature.

  • System reacts promptly to internal and external temperature changes.
  • Monitors the weather conditions throughout the year.
  • Maximises overall efficiency
  • Reduces heating bills
  • Cost effective to install and run
  • 5 year product guarantee (subject to T&C’s)

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