What should I check if there is an electrical fault reported on an UFH system?

If an electrical fault is reported with an underfloor heating system, it is recommended to check the following before replacing any components:

  • Is there an electrical supply?
  • Is it switched on?
  • Are there any fuses that may have blown and need replacing? 
  • Are any components overloaded?
  • Is everything wired correctly?

Under no circumstances replace a fuse with a higher rating than stated for that piece of equipment.

If the water arriving at the manifold (prior to entering the mixing valve) is either cold or below the design temperature, check:

  • the boiler is firing
  • the primary pump is fitted
  • the primary pump is working
  • the boiler is of adequate size
  • the primary pipework is sufficiently sized
  • the primary pumps are large enough.

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