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To support the installation of Aerona³ air source heat pumps, Grant UK supply installer-friendly controller kits as well as Installation Packs. The Controller Kits offer installers intuitive and straightforward solutions for controlling Grant heat pump heating systems with the kit options including either the Aerona Smart Controller or Aerona Remote Controller. 

Aerona Smart Controller

Easy to install, the Aerona Smart Controller is a weather compensated controller for Grant Aerona³ air source heat pumps, incorporating heating curve configuration and advanced monitoring software to help with maximising the heat pump’s efficiency. Installers can easily set, view and adjust the time schedules for the heating circuits, domestic hot water and the heat pump’s on/off schedule using the Aerona Smart Controller. The controller also provides access to an in-built system configurator, supporting the set-up and commissioning of an Aerona³ heat pump and the system circuits.

Learn more about Aerona Smart Controller settings by watching our YouTube videos. 

Why install the Aerona Smart Controller

With its modern black casing and touchscreen display, the Aerona Smart Controller is stylish in design, intuitive in its operation and features the following functionality:

  • Enables heating schedules to be configured including weekly or daily timed programming for heating circuits and domestic hot water (DHW)
  • Featuring the ability to independently adjust the heating curves for each zone, the Aerona Smart Controller calculates the optimum flow temperature for the heat pump in relation to the temperature outside the property
  • Supplied with the Aerona Smart WiFi Hub that enables remote control of the Aerona Smart Controller, either via the dedicated web-based portal or an app
  • Can control up to three heating zones plus the domestic hot water and designed for installation with wired and wireless thermostats and temperature sensors
  • Using the web-based portal, installers can remotely access error codes, performance data, heat pump and system settings to assist with diagnostics, servicing and maintenance
  • The Aerona Smart Controller supports the configuration of the hydraulic system settings with the controller proposing settings for different system set-ups
  • Easy installation, simple set-up and commissioning and provides installers with an overview of the system’s operation, sharing key information relating to the heat pump, buffer and DHW status
  • Please note, the Aerona Smart Controller is not compatible with Homely Controls.

Aerona Remote Controller

The Aerona Remote Controller is an alternative controller for Grant heat pumps and is a wall-mounted white cased unit designed for installation in a convenient position for the homeowner to easily access. It is used to switch the Aerona³ heat pump on and off while also providing a display for room temperature, outdoor temperature, day/time display and access to the core heat pump and system parameters.

Installation features of Aerona Remote Controller

The Aerona Remote Controller’s features and benefits include:

  • Enables every function of the Aerona³ heat pump to be adjusted via dedicated homeowner and installer only access parameters
  • Provides installers with real time operating data via the Monitor Display Function including information about the compressor speed, refrigerant discharge, outdoor temperature and more
  • Monitoring functionality and straightforward navigation via the LCD display assists engineers with the set-up and commissioning of Grant Aerona³ air source heat pumps
  • LCD display also lists clear symbols indicating the heat pump’s operation and error codes (when applicable) to help engineers with servicing, maintenance and diagnostics
  • Compatible with Homely Controls
  • A dedicated playlist of video tutorials for installers and engineers about the Aerona Remote Controller is available to view via Grant UK YouTube’s Channel.

How to order Grant Aerona Controls

Both the Aerona Smart Controller and Aerona Remote Controller are available to order from your local merchant as kits. Once you have selected the heating output and model of Aerona³ heat pump, you can then order the appropriate controller kit for the size of heat pump you will be installing.
Each Smart Controller kit includes:

  • Smart Control Display, Wiring Centre, WiFi Hub, Outdoor Weather Sensor, 3x Water Temp Sensors, Flexible Hoses, Isolation Valves, Flow Sensor.

Each Remote Controller kit includes:

  • Controller, Controller Cable, Flexible Hoses, Isolation Valves, Flow Setter

You can also then order optional extras and one of the compatible Installation Packs which include the core accessories you will need for installation. Please click here to download our guide to ordering a Grant heat pump.

Aerona Smart Controller express eLearning course

The Aerona Smart Controller is a sophisticated solution for controlling Grant heat pumps, combining user-friendly navigation to view and adjust the core settings while also featuring advanced technology that facilitates optimum heat pump operation and efficiency. To help heating engineers and installers develop their understanding of this smart controller, a free on-demand eLearning course is available to complete via the Grant eLearning Academy.

The Aerona Smart Controller express online course provides an introduction to the controller, explains its key features and gives an overview to how the controller works and what is involved in its installation. To enrol on this course, please log in or sign up to the Grant eLearning Academy.

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