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Can I use artificially softened water in the heating circuit with my boiler?
Do you recommend treatment of the central heating water?
What is condensate and is it dangerous?
Is there anything I can do to help prevent my condensate trap from freezing on my boiler?
How often should I need to top up the pressure on the heating system?
Should we have a frost stat fitted to our boiler?
Combination boilers
How could mains water pressure affect my combi oil boiler?
Should I turn my oil boiler off when my oil tank is being filled?
I recently ran out of oil, will this cause an issue to the system?
How do you bleed an oil burner?
Can condensing boilers be used on gas oil?
Thermostats & Controls
Should I use a programmer or time controllers with my oil boiler?
What are thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs)?
What does the boiler thermostat do?
How often should a Grant oil boiler be serviced?
Why should you regularly service boilers?
Will I receive anything in writing when I have a new boiler installed?
Where can I find the serial number of my Grant Vortex boiler?
I've lost my boiler's manual - where can I find a new copy?
Are oil boilers going to be banned?
Manuals & Technical Info
Installation Manuals & User Guides
Vortex Burner Settings
Vortex Pro Range
Vortex Eco Range
Vortex Boiler House Range (red cased)
Flue Systems
Brochures & Data Sheets
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