Can I use HVO to fuel my boiler?

All of Grant UK’s current range of Vortex floor standing low NOx yellow flame boilers are compatible with HVO with a few minor adjustments that your installation, commissioning or service engineer will be able to assist with.

It is important to note that HVO biofuels are currently being used in field trials and the fuel is not currently available for wider supply but it is hoped that low carbon liquid fuels will be added to the Government's strategy to lower carbon emissions in home heating in the future. 

Provided below are links to useful resources about HVO biofuels.

Discover more about HVO low carbon liquid fuel

Read more about the Field Trials

Watch the video below to see what is involved in converting a Vortex boiler to operate on HVO biofuel.

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HVO Biofuel Heating

HVO is a low-carbon fuel that could help hundreds of thousands of homes transition to more sustainable heating and could have a part to play in helping decarbonise home heating.

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