Why does my radiator not heat up properly when others do?

If your Afinia aluminium radiator is not heating up as normal, please check the following:

  • Is your boiler or heat pump operating correctly?
  • Are the flow and return connections to the radiator correct?
  • Check whether the small black plastic flow diverter baffle (supplied with each radiator) is fitted properly – this helps provide an even temperature across the radiator so if it is not fitted, this can affect the radiator’s output.
  • Is the radiator correctly vented? You or your heating engineer can remove any air via the bleed nipple located at the top of the radiator (pictured below) – please note, if this is not carried out correctly, this can lead to performance issues so if you have any concerns, please contact your heating engineer.

Radiator bleed nipple

  • Are the radiator valves open?

radiator valve

  • Ask your engineer to check whether the system is balanced (is the lockshield valve correctly set)?

The lockshield valve on a radiator

  • Check the thermostatic radiator valve setting. If the room temperature is satisfied, the thermostatic radiator valve will automatically close and prevent the heater system water from circulating around the radiator. When the room cools down, the valve will open and, provided there is a heating demand, the radiator will warm up.

Thermostatic radiator valve setting

The above checks can be carried out either by the homeowner or by a heating engineer – if any of the above checks are not carried out correctly, this can cause performance issues so if in any doubt, please contact your heating engineer.

The information provided here is advice only - if you are not happy to check your product, please contact a heating engineer to assist.

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