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General Advice & Videos
How many hours a day should my heat pump run?
Is it ok to turn off my heat pump at night?
What temperature is too cold for heat pumps?
Should I turn my heat pump off in extreme cold?
Defrost cycle
How does the defrost cycle work on Grant Aerona³ heat pumps?
How do I maintain a Grant heat pump?
How often should a Grant heat pump be serviced?
Can I service my own heat pump?
Where can I find a heat pump service engineer?
What is the life expectancy of an air source heat pump?
How often should the refrigerant be replaced?
Heat Loss
Can you open windows with a heat pump?
Weather compensation
What does SCOP for a heat pump mean?
What is weather compensation?
Can I paint the heat pump a different colour?
Should I change my electricity tariff when I install a heat pump?
Manuals & Technical Info
Installation Manuals & User Guides
Aerona³ Heat Pump Range
Heat Meter Installation Instructions

Use with the Heat Meter for 13kW and 17kW ASHPs and Hybrid

Use with the Heat Meter for 6kW and 10kW ASHPs

For use of controller unit for heat meters HPIDHEATMETER & HPIDHEATMETER2

Wiring Centre Installation Manuals
LLH & External Volumiser
Grant Aerona Smart Controller
Brochure & Data Sheets
Handover Guide
Associated Documents
Knowledge Hub

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