Why is my heat pump electricity usage higher in the winter months?

As with all domestic heating systems, running costs will always be greater during the winter months and, as your heat pump operates by electricity, you will naturally see an increase in power consumption, especially if you have replaced a gas or an oil boiler. The reason for this is because during the winter months, the outdoor temperatures are lower and in turn the heat loss from your home will be greater, meaning that your heat pump will need to work harder than it does during the other seasons of the year in order to maintain a comfortable living temperature within your home. With your heat pump operating for longer, compared to in the warmer months, you will notice you use more electricity during the winter.

The annual energy consumption of heat pumps

In fact, it is estimated that a heat pump will use 63% of its annual energy usage between November and February, with minimal energy consumption for the remainder of the year [Grant Aerona³ Handover Guide, September 2022]. Because of this, any comparison of a heat pump’s running costs with conventional heating appliances should be made over the whole year.

Please refer to the infographic below for an estimated breakdown of a household’s annual energy consumption.

An example of a heat pump's average energy consumption over the course of a year

Heat Pump Tariffs

Some energy suppliers are now providing specific energy tariffs for air source heat pumps. These specific heat pump tariffs can offer reduced rates for power usage, as well as reductions in rates during specific times of the day. It is important to remember that traditional electricity tariffs do not accommodate technologies like heat pumps, so it is recommended that you speak with your energy supplier straightaway to discuss the best tariff for your heat pump and home.

Interested in finding out more about heat pump energy consumption and heat pump tariffs? Then please watch our video guide below.


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