There is no display on my heat pump's remote controller - what can I check?

The Aerona³ Remote Heat Pump Controller is directly attached your Aerona³ heat pump via a 2-core flexible lead (cable) that is supplied with the unit. This lead is connected between the controller (located inside your home) and the terminal PCB (in the heat pump) during installation.

If your Aerona³ Remote Heat Pump Controller has a blank display, this could be the result of one of the following reasons:

  1. No electrical supply to the heat pump
  2. The external isolator is set to OFF
  3. A break or damage to the lead between the controller and the heat pump
  4. A poor or broken connection at either end of the connecting lead (either at the controller terminals or terminals 1 and 2 on the terminal PCB in the heat pump), refer to section 7.4 page 29 of the current Aerona3 installation instructions.

If your display is blank, please contact your heating engineer. Your heating engineer should refer Section 7.4 of the Aerona³ Installation Instructions for further guidance.

The information provided here is advice only - if you are not happy to check your product, please contact a heating engineer to assist.

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