How setback controls help heat pump operation

Air source heat pumps are not designed to be switched off. To help your heat pump to operate efficiently and economically, you should use setback control and not be tempted to turn your heat pump off. Using the setback controls on Grant’s heat pump controllers will energise your system when you are home and set back the system to slightly lower temperatures during unoccupied hours and at night time. 

Why you should not turn off your heat pump

A downside of an air source heat pump can be that their efficiency will be lower at very cold temperatures and during these very cold periods, you will use more electricity. Also, if you allow your room temperatures to drop very low, your heat pump will have to work for longer to bring the room temperatures back up.

Therefore, it is important that the comfort temperature is maintained throughout, especially in the colder months, by running your system continuously to avoid excessive (and costly) thermal recovery loads during these times. This is where setback controls play a part in assisting heat pump performances.

Please click here to learn more about setback controls and how they support the efficient operation of a heat pump. You can also contact your installing engineer who can help you set up setback control operation on your heat pump controller.

The video below also explains how setback controls help heat pump operation as well as explaining other important elements when setting your comfort with your heat pump.

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