Solar gains and underfloor heating systems

Although solar gains are free, they are not always beneficial for an underfloor heating system. This is because underfloor heating is slow to react. In summary, if your property experiences excessive solar gains throughout the day, the property is likely to be overheated and, as a result, it is likely that the thermostat will switch off because the room temperature will be satisfied.

As the sun sets, a property will cool and when it reaches the set point on the room thermostat, the underfloor heating system will be energised. The reheat time of the floor slab will be dependent on the type of underfloor heating installed - if a traditional screeded set up has been laid, then this can take several hours to suitably charge the floor and emit usable heat into the room and, therefore, the room will be colder than that of the design. This scenario should be avoided where possible by carefully selecting a room thermostat location that is less exposed to this type of heat gain (ie. out of direct sunlight). For properties were there is large solar gain, the use of floor temperature sensors are recommended as well.

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