Air Source Heat Pumps

The Aerona³ air-to-water heat pumps are a sustainable heating solution. Combining exceptional performance, reliability and value, a Grant heat pump is a renewable energy heat source which can significantly reduce a home's carbon footprint.

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Renewable heating solution

Air source heat pumps are playing a major role in helping the country to achieve net zero carbon emission targets. Air-to-water heat pumps capture heat energy from the air and transfer this into ‘wet’ heating systems, such as radiators or underfloor heating. Visit our Knowledge Hub to learn more about how an air source heat pump works.

Design & installation

Air source heat pumps are low temperature heating systems which means they operate differently to traditional fossil fuel boilers which are high temperature systems. It is therefore incredibly important that when installing a heat pump, the system is planned thoroughly to ensure that it can fulfil the heating requirements of the property. Read more about how to find the right heat pump for your home here.

To help an air source heat pump to perform at its optimal efficiencies, it is important that the heat pump system is correctly designed, appropriately sized heat emitters are specified, the home is adequately insulated to reduce heat loss and a comprehensive customer handover takes place with the installer so that homeowners understand how their highly efficient, low carbon heat pump heating system will work.

Grant Aerona³ R32 Air Source Heat Pump Range

Grant Aerona³ R32 Air Source Heat Pump Range

  • Four models available from 6kW up to 17kW
  • Incredibly efficient and high performing across the range
  • Quiet mark awarded (HPID13R32 & HPID17R32)
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Grant Aerona³ accessories

  • Specifically designed for the Aerona³ heat pump models
  • Also for use with Grant VortexAir Hybrids
  • Supplied individually or as installation packs for engineers
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Grant Aerona Controls

  • Two controller options - Aerona Smart Controller or Aerona Remote Controller
  • Set up heating schedules with ease (Smart Controller)
  • Adjust settings away from home via supporting app (Smart Controller)
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Government Incentives & Schemes

The Government has set up initiatives and legislation designed to support the installation of efficient heating systems and sustainable technologies

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Why choose a Grant Aerona air source heat pump?

With outputs of 6kW, 10kW, 13kW and 17kW, the Aerona³ R32 heat pumps are designed to maintain a reliable and consistent heat output, even at low outdoor air temperatures. What’s more, these compact and efficient units have an impressive ErP rating of A+++ across the range. The Aerona³ heat pumps are also simple to maintain.

All of our products are supplied through a network of merchants - please click here to read more about how to order Grant products.

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump uses the principles of thermodynamics to absorb energy from the surrounding environment and converts it into usable energy which can provide heating for our homes.

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How do air source heat pumps work?

There are two types of air source heat pump – ‘air to air’ and ‘air to water’. The Grant Aerona³ uses an air to water system which utilises heat energy captured from the air in ‘wet’ heating system radiators or underfloor heating.

The process uses the same vapour/compression cycle that extracts heat in a domestic fridge. A refrigerant with a low boiling point is exposed to external air temperatures in an evaporator. The liquid boils off to a gas and absorbs the latent heat energy of the air. This gas is then compressed increasing the heat content in the refrigerant, before passing through a heat exchanger where it condenses back to a liquid state while transferring the heat to the water of the heating system. The liquid refrigerant is then re-circulated through the evaporator and the cycle is repeated.

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Do I need planning permission for a heat pump?
All Aerona³ heat pumps are less than 0.6m³ in volume and fall within permitted development for the unit. That is one less thing to consider when working to meet the permitted development requirements, however do keep in mind that there are other requirements to meet which are site specific e.g. where the units will be located, how many there are and the status of the building/land concerned (listed building, etc.). You should always check with your Local Authority Planning Department prior to any work commencing.
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Is an air source heat pump good for the environment?

Yes, the heat source used by Grant Aerona³ heat pumps is entirely renewable which helps reduce the amount of harmful greenhouse gases being released into the atmosphere and, in so doing, lowers the carbon footprint of the household. Heat pump renewable energy is just one way households can lower their carbon emissions. 

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