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How noisy are Air Source Heat Pumps?

How noisy are Air Source Heat Pumps?
Both the 13kW and 17kW Grant Aerona³ models have been awarded the Quiet Mark

The level of sound an appliance makes while operating and how loud it is are important considerations for homeowners when choosing a new heating system. All Grant air source heat pumps have low noise levels with both the 13kW and 17kW Aerona³ models being awarded the Quiet Mark. In this blog, we speak to Quiet Mark to learn more about the importance of quiet acoustics.

What noise do Air Source Heat Pumps make?

Although many ask the question about the volume of the noise a heat pump makes, it is worth knowing what creates the noise in the first place. The level of noise generated by an air source heat pump depends on the model output and size, the design of the heat pump and how it has been installed. Generally speaking, the main components that can make an air source heat pump create noise are the evaporator fans and the compressor.

Whether a product is installed inside the home or externally in the garden, its sound level and how noisy it is will be something homeowners factor in when making their decision as to whether or not it is right for their home. Air source heat pumps are positioned outdoors so the amount of sound they make can not only impact homeowners but also neighbouring properties. Heat pumps make a sound during operation when their fans rotate but with the Quiet Mark approved Aerona³ range, the sound produced is minimal (for example, the 13kW Aerona³ is 49.8dB) and is in fact quieter than many common household appliances, such as a washing machine.

Take a look at the infographic below to see how noisy Grant’s air source heat pumps compare to your standard household appliances.

Grant heat pump sound scale infographic

Our Air Source Heat Pumps are awarded with the Quiet Mark

Worrying about the noise of an air source heat pump is a natural concern and that is why it is important to check whether the system you are looking to have installed at your home is awarded with the Quiet Mark. Here at Grant UK, we are proud to supply Quiet Mark approved air source heat pumps which have been tested and recognised by this organisation for their quiet sound levels. View our full range of air source heat pumps in the infographic here.

The benefits that quiet products can bring to the home are broad. To discover more about how sound levels are assessed and why performance does not need to be compromised for quiet acoustics, we interviewed a representative from Quiet Mark.

What is the history of Quiet Mark and what does it strive to achieve?

“Quiet Mark is the independent global certification programme associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society charitable foundation (est.1959). Through scientific testing and assessment, Quiet Mark identifies the quietest products in multiple categories spanning many sectors, including: home appliances and technology, building sector materials and commercial sector products.
          “Quiet Mark certification is the unique consumer and trade champion mark of approval and resource platform. It provides reliable and independent information about the sound a product makes and approved noise reduction performance before purchase, with the primary focus to improve health and wellbeing.”

Why should homeowners care about the Quiet Mark Accreditation?

“Quiet Mark makes it easier for consumers and commercial buyers to find the quietest household products and building materials. Whenever people see our distinctive Q logo on a product, they trust that it has been tested to the highest acoustics standards and certified as one of the quietest available on the market.
          “Between only 10% to 20% of the quietest best performing products are awarded Quiet Mark certification. Each product category is re-evaluated annually to reflect new models coming on to the market. Quiet Mark has partnerships with many of the biggest names in UK Retail, including Argos, John Lewis & Partners, and VERY. Each with their own Quiet Mark pages on their websites to help their customers create the quietest domestic soundscapes for improved acoustic comfort within their homes.”

Why is it so important that consumers consider the acoustics of a product and why is the noise of an air source heat pump important?

“Noise is unwanted sound. The damaging effect of excessive noise on health, productivity and social cohesion is seriously underestimated. World Health Organization research shows that environmental noise pollution affects mental and physical health and is now second only to air pollution as the world’s largest killer pollutant. In our fast-paced lives, vibrancy is exciting and necessary. But this heightened state can only be valued if there is also the opportunity to choose the alternatives of calm, quiet and the chance to switch off.
          “Quiet Mark helps consumers refine their aural environment as Soundscape becomes the new design priority to support a vital health balance. If a sound is perceived as too loud or has an irritating quality or is unable to be stopped, there will be both physiological and psychological reactions which could be detrimental to health and wellbeing. By choosing quieter technology and effective acoustic solutions, a serene backdrop can be created to rebalance well-being at home, work and in every living space.”

The Grant Aerona³ 13kW and 17kW heat pump models have the Quiet Mark – please explain what Quiet Mark look for when assessing products?

“For Quiet Mark, noise is a key part of the performance criteria we look at. With an external fan unit, it’s important that an air source heat pump does not disturb you, your neighbours or any surrounding wildlife when working. All air source heat pumps feature fans which make a sound when they rotate but, with all the Aerona³ units, their sound levels are quieter than many household appliances.”

What standards are required to achieve the Quiet Mark accreditation?

“All heat pumps are tested to the same standards which gives a decibel level while the product is in operation. Quiet Mark has extensive databases of these levels and splits the heat pumps into like-for-like sizes so we are not comparing a heat pump for a small house, to one suited for a much larger property. From our market wide datasets we are able to determine the models with the lowest noise output, where around 20% of the market is eligible for Quiet Mark certification.”

Find out more about Quiet Mark

Visit – from here, you can find 1,000 Quiet Mark certified products, across over 60 product categories, providing homeowners with a resource to create peaceful living.

View Grant’s range of Air Source Heat Pumps

If you are looking for an air source heat pump that is known for its efficiency and quiet operation, then the Aerona³ range is for you. To find out more about Grant heat pumps, including the 13kW and 17kW air source heat pumps which are Quiet Mark awarded, please get in touch.

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